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Building Regulations Part L1 A from October 2010

Implications for Post and Beam Framing

Published by: Carpenter Oak and Woodland

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What Wood is That? A Manual of Wood Identification

Author: Herbert Edlin

Published by: Viking Press (1969 to 2000)

A respected guide to the identification of timber types (mostly used in furniture) containing illustrations and forty veneer samples. Some common UK species such as Yew and Holly are not featured.


Cleaning Historic Buildings

Volume 1 Substrates, Soiling and Investigation

Volume 2 Cleaning Materials and Processes

Vol 1, ISBN 1 873394 01 2 Vol 2 ISBN 1873394 11 X

Author: Nicola Ashurst

Published by: Donhead (1994)

A respected guide to the cleaning and the removal of paint from traditional materials in historic buildings. Includes stone metal and timber.


The Pattern of English Building

ISBN 0 571 13988 4

Author: Alec Clifton-Taylor

Published by: Faber and Faber (1962 to 1987)

A respected illustrated guide to regional materials and techniques found in historic buildings in England.


The Insect Factor in Wood Decay

Author: Norman Hickin

Published by: Hutchinson & Co (1963)

An illustrated introduction to the insects responsible for timber decay in the UK. Detailed information regarding insect identification, however, some techniques for the control of insect infestation may have been superseded.


Restoring Timber Framed Houses

ISBN 0 7153 8526 7

Author: David Swindells

Published by: David & Charles (1987)

An illustrated introduction to timber framed buildings and repair techniques. Some techniques such as those dealing with timber decay may have been superseded.


The International Book of Wood

ISBN 0-85533-081-3

Published by: Mitchell Beazley from (1976 to 1992)

Colour illustrated reference book covering all aspects of wood and its uses from the anatomy of a tree and timber types to its processing and uses in architecture, engineering and cultural significance.


Panel Infillings to Timber-Framed Buildings

by Kenneth Reid
Publisher: SPAB


The Repair of Timber Frames and Roofs

by James Boutwood
Publisher: SPAB

This pamphlet is intended to provide architects, builders and surveyors with some simple information about the type of repairs which the Society believes should be used when working on the repair of timber framed buildings and roofs.


Timber Bellframes

by Andrew Drew-Edwards and David Lodge
Publisher: SPAB

This pamphlet has been written to help all those who are involved in the care of historic timber bellframes to assess, repair and maintain them. It is not a comprehensive repair manual but a general introduction to the issues and principles involved.


Timber Treatment: defrassing and surface treatment

by Peter Locke
Publisher: SPAB

Two Information Sheets in one. Information Sheet 2 ‘Timber Treatment - A warning about the defrassing of timbers’ explains in a cautionary manner the advantages and more often the irreversible disadvantages of removing surface timber that has been degrade.


Timber Decay in Buildings: The Conservation Approach to Treatment

ISBN 0 419 18820 7
Publisher: Historic Scotland

Tackling issues relating to timber decay, this joint publication from Historic Scotland and English Heritage forms the basis of conservation methods advocated by both organisations.


Conservation of Timber Buildings

by Charles FWB
ISBN 1873394179
Publisher: Donhead Publishing

Structural types: rafter roofs, purlin roofs, post-and-truss, crucks, base-cruck. Timber: properties and effects of environment, oaks and other trees for building, decay of oak, use of unseasoned oak, size of trees, cruck trees, today’s trees.


Conservation of Historic Timber Structures: An Ecological Approach

Authors: Knut Einar Larsen  and Nils Marstein

Published by: Butterworth Heinemann, 2000

ISBN 0 7506 3434 0

The Norwegians have been at the forefront of timber building conservation for some time, and this book sets out their approach to the subject as developed internationally through the ICOMOS International Wood Committee.


English Historic Carpentry

by Hewett CA
ISBN 850333547
Publisher: Phillimore & Co Ltd 1980


Timber Decay in Buildings: The Conservation Approach to Treatment

ISBN 0 419 18820 7
Author: Brian Ridout

Published by: E & FN Spon (2000)

Tackling issues relating to timber decay, this publication was jointly sponsored by Historic Scotland and English Heritage and forms the basis of conservation methods advocated by both organisations.


The Environmental Control of Dry Rot

ISBN 1 903570 6 11
Publisher: Historic Scotland

Through an understanding of the dry rot organism practitioners and building managers can control and treat outbreaks by environment-friendly means at lower cost, with reduced intervention and use of chemicals, while conserving the fabric.


Building and maintenance guide 15: Conserving historic timber in buildings

Publisher: London Borough of Islington
Area covered: London
Associated website:

An introductory guide to the repair of historic timber


Preservation & repair of timber framed buildings

Publisher: Epsom and Ewell Borough Council
Area covered: South East
Associated website:

A guide to the repair of timber framed building including identifying failures and the appropriate method of repairing them.


Is Timber Treatment Always Necessary?

by Richard Oxley
Pubisher: SPAB

The aim of this Information Sheet is to encourage the prevention and control of timber decay in old buildings by appropriate repair and regular maintenance and to provide a holistic “step by step” approach to avoid unnecessary chemical treatments.


Preservation & repair of timber framed buildings

Publisher: Surrey County Council
Area covered: South East
Associated website:

Advisory Leaflet 2: An introduction to the appropriate repair methods and materials for timber framed buildings.



Publisher: Essex County Council
Area covered: East of England
Associated website:

Advice on the maintenance, repair and conservation of timber cladding on traditional houses and service buildings.


Inform Guide - Timber Window Shutters

Conservation, repair and maintenance

Author: Historic Scotland, 2010

Associated website: http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/learning/publications/publicationsresultsdetail.htm?id=4c1eb9 d27

Traditional wooden window shutters have formed part of the fabric of many Scottish houses since the late 17th Century. This Inform Guide will highlight the benefits they bring.