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English Brickwork

Authors: Ronald Brunskill and Alec Clifton-Taylor

Published by: Hyperion Books, 1977

ISBN 0 7063 5087 1

A concise, useful and well-illustrated introduction to the subject, although it does not go into such detail as more specific works by either author.



The Pattern of English Building

ISBN 0 571 13988 4

Author: Alec Clifton-Taylor

Published by: Faber and Faber (1962 to 1987)

A respected illustrated guide to regional materials and techniques found in historic buildings in England.


Brick Building in Britain

ISBN 0 575 04457 8

Author: R W Brunskill

Published by: Victor Gollanz (1990)

Architectural history book including descriptions of traditional brickwork techniques.


Brickwork and its Construction

Author: Walter Jaggard

Published by: Oxford University Press (1929)

An illustrated technical reference book covering traditional brick working techniques that were current at the time of publication.


Brick, Terracotta and Earth; Practical Building Conservation Volume 2

by Ashurst, J and N
ISBN 291397468
Publisher: Gower Technical Press, 1988

Examines the causes of decay in addition to the treatment and methods of conserving brickwork and historic mortars. The deterioration mechanisms discussed cover biodeterioration, salt damage and the effects of air pollutants and moisture on masonry.


Brickwork Volume 2: History, Technology and Practice

by Lynch, G
ISBN 1873394071
Publisher: Donhead Publishing, 1994


Conservation of Brick

by Warren, J
ISBN 750630914
Publisher: Butterworth Herinemann


Historic Buildings, Brickwork

Publisher: New Forest District Council, 1998
Area covered: South East
Associated website: http://www.nfdc.gov.uk

A provides an introduction brickwork including information on various types and the damage that occurs


Conservation of Historic Brick Structures

by Baer NS, Fitz G and Livingstone RA
ISBN 1873394349
Publisher: Donhead Publishing 1995


Guaged Brickwork

by Lynch G
ISBN 978 1 873394 75 5
Publisher: Donhead Publishing 2006

Historical perspective. Manufacture of rubbing bricks. Gauged brickwork. Equipment and tools. Carved gauged brickwork. Main architectural uses. Repair, restoration and maintenance. Tuck pointing.


Local Authority Publications

Building & Maintenance Guide 1: Brick & Mortar

Publisher: London Borough of Islington
Associated website: http://www.islington.gov.uk

A guide to the repair of brickwork and mortar including repointing.


Guide to Brick and Bonds

Publisher: Melton Borough Council
Area covered: East Midlands
Associated website: http://www.melton.gov.uk

Conservation Advice Leaflet No. 9 - provides advice and guidance


Conservation Advice no.6 - Brickwork

Publisher: Mid Suffolk District Council, 1999
Area covered: East of England
Associated website: http://www.midsuffolk.gov.uk

Provides information on traditional brick bonds, dealing with problems and repointing and mortar mixes.