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Patching Old Floorboards

by Philip Hughes
Published by: SPAB

This Information Sheet aims to alleviate the various problems encountered when repairing old timber floor boards and suggests a number of ways of producing a pleasing and sympathetic repair.


Intro to Repair of Lime-Ash & Plaster Floors

by Philip Hartley
Published by: SPAB

This Information Sheet explains the history, composition and repair of lime-ash and gypsum plaster floors. These are simple and economical flooring surfaces that were once popular in many old buildings yet today are so often forgotten and mis-understood


Care and Repair of Old Floors

by Adela Wright
Published by: SPAB


Historic Buildings: floors

Published by: New Forest District Council, 2004
Area covered: South East
Associated website:

A provides an information on the various types, problems and methods of repair.


Inform Guide - Decorative Paint Finishes: Graining and Marbling

Conservation, repair and maintenance

Author: Historic Scotland

Associated website: http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/learning/publications/publicationsresultsdetail.htm?id=4c1eb9 d87

This Inform guide will describe; the origin and development of tiled flooring, the different types of floor and layout, common ways floors can be damaged, and how to repair them and cleaning and maintenance of tiled floors.


Inform Guide - Stone Floors

Conservation, repair and maintenance

Author: Historic Scotland, 2010

Associated website: http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/learning/publications/publicationsresultsdetail.htm?id=4c1eb9 d19

Stone floors have been an important feature in traditional Scottish buildings for centuries and contribute much to the feel of a period building. They are extremely hard wearing and durable, and require little maintenance. This INFORM guide will outline; Dating, structure, and how they were put together, Reinstatement and repair, Cleaning and ongoing maintenance