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The Thatchers Craft
Rural Industries Bureau
Jarrold & Sons, 1961


Thatching: A Handbook

Author: Nicholas Hall

Published by: Intermediate Technology Publications, 1988

ISBN 1 85339 060 7

Simple, clear and inexpensive introduction to the subject. Written with a view to encouraging use of intermediate technologies in developing countries, so covers materials (such as palm leaves) not used in the UK, but relevant to historic practice as well.



The Pattern of English Building

ISBN 0 571 13988 4

Author: Alec Clifton-Taylor

Published by: Faber and Faber (1962 to 1987)

A respected illustrated guide to regional materials and techniques found in historic buildings in England.


The Care and Repair of Thatched Roofs

by Peter Brockett and Adela Wright
Publisher: SPAB


A Guide to Conserving Scottish Thatching Traditions

Publisher: Historic Scotland
ISBN 0 9517989 7 9
Publisher: Historic Scotland

The contents include: the historic background; advantages and disadvantages of thatch; surviving traditional thatches; decline of traditional skills; import of craft skills; new materials; and Historic Scotland policy.


Guide to thatch

Publisher: South Somerset District Council
Area covered: South West
Associated website:

General guide to thatch


Historic Buildings: Thatch and Thatching

Publisher: New Forest District Council, 1998
Area covered: South East
Associated website:

Provides an introduction thatching including the different types and the materials used.



Publisher: Kennet District Council, 1998
Area covered: South West
Associated website:

Provides guidance and policy for thatching.


SPG thatching in Babergh

Publisher: Babergh District Council, 1997
Area covered: East of England
Associated website:

The use of different types of thatch in the district


Thatch in Devon

Publisher: Devon County Council, March 2003
Area covered: South West
Associated website:

A guide to thatching methods including guidance on listed buildings, building regulations and the laws that apply.


Thatch in Hampshire: Sustaining a tradition

Publisher: Hampshire County Council
Area covered: South East
Associated website:

Provides information on the history and characteristics of thatching, maintenance and repair of thatched buildings and the future of thatching.



Publisher: Broadland District Council, 1993
Area covered: East of England
Associated website:

A guide to the craft of thatching and the materials used.



Publisher: South Northamptonshire Council, 1996
Area covered: East Midlands
Associated website:

Provides information on the Councils thatching policy, types of thatching and building regulations as well as general information.