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Repairs general



BIODAM: Investigation into the control of biofilm damage with relevance to built heritage.

ISBN: 1 904966 20 9
Published by: Historic Scotland

Investigated the effects of biological colonisation on heritage surfaces and evaluated of novel, low toxicity treatments for their ability to control of biofilms and for their compatibility with conservation products.


The Treatment of Graffiti on Historic Surfaces

ISBM: 1 900168 81 2
Published by: Historic Scotland

Advice on graffiti removal procedures, anti-graffiti coatings and alternative strategies


Conservation guide 2:The Conservation of Listed Buildings & other older buildings - Information for owners

Published by: Gosport Borough Council
Area Covered: South
Associated website: http://www.gosport.gov.uk

Notes on the detailed elements of conserving historic buildings, including chimneys, structural defects, roofs and gutters, doors, brick and brickwork, windows, render, stone and insurance.


Conservation of Historic Buildings

Published by: South Somerset Council
Area Covered: South West
Associated website: http://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/

Covers general issues including planning policy, wildlife, archaeology, materials, extensions, surrounding walls, access.


Listed Building Maintenance

Published by: Spelthorne Borough Council
Area Covered: South East
Associated website: http://www.spelthorne.gov.uk/

8 leaflets providing technical advise on a range of materials used in listed buildings, e.g. timer framed specifically on repair and maintenance.


Listed Buildings Maintenance and Repair

Published by: Salisbury District Council
Area Covered: South West
Associated website: http://www.salisbury.gov.uk/

Contains information on the need for repair, structural repairs, masonary and brick repair, roof repair and chimneys.


Repairing Historic Buildings

Published by: Broadland District Council
Area Covered: East of England
Associated website: http://www.broadland.gov.uk

A guide to repairing historic buildings and the materials to use


Repairs to old buildings

Published by: Bassetlaw District Council
Area Covered: East Midlands
Associated website: http://www.bassetlaw.gov.uk

General advice to home owners and occupiers on repairing buildings


Removing Paint from Old Buildings

by Adela Wright
Published by SPAB

Before stripping any historic surface ask yourself if it is really necessary. Stripping may well remove interesting earlier surfaces, and the wrong method can damage the fabric underneath. In some cases it may be unjustified on historical or aesthetic grounds, particularly if the intention is to leave items stripped that were always meant to be covered.


Buildings and Maintenance Guide 14: Front Entrance Steps

Published by: London Borough of Islington
Area covered: London
Associated website: http://www.islington.gov.uk

A guide to the repair and waterproofing of front entrance steps