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General Conservation


The Domestic Architecture of England during the Tudor Period.
Thomas Garner & Arthur Stretton. c1900.

A Parallel of the Orders of Architecture - Greek & Roman
Charles Normand
John Tiranti & Co. 1928


Old Cottages, Farmhouses and other half-timbered Buildings in Shropshire, Herefordshire & Cheshire
James Parkinson & E A Ould
Batsford, 1904


Handbook of Building Crafts in Conservation
Jack Bowyer.
Hutchinson, 1961


English farmsteads 1750 - 1914
RCHM 1997.


Traditional Farm Buildings of Britain
R W Brunskill.  
Gollancz, 1987.

The English Model farm
Susannah Wade-Martins.  
Windgather Press,2002.

Care of Old Buildings today
Donald Insall.
Architectural Press, 1972.

Tracing the History of your House
Brenda Greysmith
Hodder & Stoughton, 1994


Care of Old Houses
Pamela Cunningham

Prism Alpha, 1984

Illustrated Book of Vernacular Architecture
R W Brunskill
Faber, 1971.


Porous Building Materials: Materials Science for Architectural Conservation

Author: Giorgio Torraca

Published by: ICCROM, 1988

ISBN 92 9077 081 3

Fairly dense technical notes from a longstanding lecture course at ICCROM. Now superseded, in particular by developments and practice in synthetic and organic chemistry, but useful as a scientific introduction all the same. Probably best read in conjunction with the Museums and Galleries Commission’s “Science for Conservators” series.



Conservation Today

ISBN 0-415-00778-X (hb)

Author: David Pearce

Published by: Routledge, London (1987)

The book was published to accompany an exhibition sponsored by the Royal Fine Art Commission at the Royal Academy and deals mostly with philosophical questions of conservation and adaptation of historic buildings and new build in historic settings. Contains numerous case studies.


Science for Conservators: Conservation Science Teaching Series

Volume 1: An Introduction to Materials

Volume 2: Cleaning

Volume 3: Adhesives and Coatings

Published by: Museums and Galleries Commission (1987) & Routledge (1992)

Vol 1: ISBN 0415 07166 6 (hbk), Vol 2: ISBN 0415 07164 X (hbk), Vol 3: ISBN 0415 07162 3 (hbk)

The books are designed as key basic texts for conservators introducing scientific concepts fundamental to the conservation of artifacts and building materials. The authors suggest that conservators often have little or no scientific training and that the series will provide non-scientists with the essential theoretical background to their work.


VAT and Historic Buildings

by Julian Potts
Published by SPAB


The Need for Old Buildings to Breathe

by Philip Hughes
Published by SPAB

Explains in layman?s terms why and how an old building needs to "breathe". The well intentioned but misguided use of modern non-breathable products can have damaging repercussions. Old buildings will continue to function well, however, if they are allowed to work as originally intended.


Technical Advice Note 28 - Fire Safety Management in Heritage Buildings

ISBN 1 904966 11 X
Published by: Historic Scotland

Building management measures are outlined as well as an overview of legislation, standards and codes.


Rural Buildings of the Lothians: Conservation and Conversion

ISBN 1 900 168 89 8
Published by: Historic Scotland

Illustrated guide providing relevant information on the design, construction and repair of traditional rural buildings.


Guide for Practitioners 6: Conversion of Traditional Buildings

ISBN 1 904966 46 3 & 1 904966 47 0
Published by: Historic Scotland

Advice on the application of the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 to the conversion of traditional buildings.


The Hebridean Blackhouse - A Guide to Materials, Construction and Maintenance

ISBN 1 900168 16 2
Published by: Historic Scotland

This Note aims to further understanding of an extremely cultured piece of architecture and to provide practitioners with an effective model to follow in the care and preservation of similar indigenous building types


Hypoxic Air Venting for Protecting of Heritage

ISBN 82-7574-037-1
Published by: Historic Scotland

Examines innovative systems for modifying air oxygen concentration in enclosed spaces, setting out the scientific background and considering heritage building fire protection application potential


Manual Fire Extinguishing Equipment for Protection of Heritage

ISBN 82-7574-039-8
Published by: Historic Scotland

Evaluates manual fire fighting techniques, equipment and extinguishing media, taking particular account of impact on historic contents and building fabric.


Minimum Invasive Fire Detection for Protection of Heritage

ISBN 82-7574-040-1
Published by: Historic Scotland

This publication reviews the available range of fire detection equipment for historic buildings application, including line heat detection and area fire detection for wider townscape protection.


Fire Protection Measures in Scottish Historic Buildings

ISBN 1 900168 41 3
Published by: Historic Scotland

Advice on measures to minimise the likelihood of fire starting and to alleviate the destructive consequences of fire in historic buildings. The Note considers fire safety management, appropriate technology and the effect of their introduction into historic buildings.


The Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Historic Buildings

ISBN 900168 63 4
Published by: Historic Scotland

Reviews the case for sprinkler systems and provides design guidance for use when installing a system in an historic building


Building Maintenance and Management

by Chanter B and Swallow P
ISBN 9781 4051 35061
Published by: Blackwell Publishing 2007

Maintenance planning, procurement.


Conservation of Historic Building

by Fielden, B S
ISBN 750658630
Published by: Butterworth Heinemann, 2003

Comprehensive survey of the fundamental principles of conservation in their application to historic buildings


Conservation of Historic Building and their Contents

by Watt D and Colston B
ISBN 978 1 873394 63 2
Published by: Donhead Publishing 2003

Where Does Conservation Meet Conservation, Movable: Immovable A Historic Distinction and its Consequences, Beyond the Divide Experiences from Scottish Conservation, Places and Stuff.


Fire Risk Management in Heritage Buildings

ISBN 1 900168 71 5
Published by: Historic Scotland

Additional information and advice on the application of risk assessment principles to heritage buildings and their contents.


Materials and Skills for Historic Building Conservation

by Forsyth, M
ISBN 978 1405 111 706
Published by: Blackwell Publishing 2007

Characteristics and process of decay, causes of decay, skils for conservation, details of most traditional materials


Repair of Ancient Buildings

ISBN 0 903090 91 0

Author: Powys, A W
Published by: SPAB (1929 to 1981)

A seminal book of its time offering general advice (some techniques are now outdated). Covering the survey of an ancient building, Temporary supports, scaffolding and protection from damage during work, The disposal of rainwater, Masonry, brickwork and walls generally, The repair of ancient timber roofs and other works of fine carpentry, Roof coverings, Church bells and bell hanging, The repair of window glazing, Ceilings, Joinery, The protection of wall paintings


Structures and construction in Historic Building Conservation

by Forsyth, M
ISBN 978 1405 111 713
Published by: Blackwell Publishing 2007

Methods of repair, on site metric survey technciques, movement of historic buildings, soil mechanics, sturctural failure, conservation of concrete, masonryand metals.


The Repair of Historic Buildings: Advice on Principles and Methods

by Brereton, C
Published by: English Heritage

Principles of repair, Maintenance and minor repairs, Methods of repair