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Earth buildings


The Pattern of English Building

ISBN 0 571 13988 4

Author: Alec Clifton-Taylor

Published by: Faber and Faber (1962 to 1987)

A respected illustrated guide to regional materials and techniques found in historic buildings in England.


Earth Structures and Construction in Scotland

ISBN 1 900168 22 7
Published by: Historic Scotland

This Note provides a guide to the recognition and conservation of Earth Technology in Scottish Buildings.


Technical Advice Note 30 - Scottish Turf Construction

ISBN 1 900168 85 5
Published by: Historic Scotland

This gives details of all aspects of turf construction in Scotland from the material itself, methods of building and tools used as well as a number of case studies. Maintenance and conservation of such buildings are also considered.


Building in Cob, Pise and Stabilized Earth

By Williams Ellis, C
ISBN 978 1 873394 39 7
Published by: Donhead Publishing 1999

Facsimile of 1919 publication revised in 1947. Pisé De Terre. Adobe. Stabilized Earth. Cob and Chalk. Mud. Protective Coverings for Earth Walls. Design. A Successful Experiment. Some Practices Abroad


Conservation of Clay and Chalk Buildings

By Pearson, G.
ISBN 978 1 873394 00 7
Published by: Donhead Publishing 1999

Materials, Methods of construction, The qualities of earth walling, Repair, alterations and extensions: general principles, Repairs, alterations and extensions: methods, Wall protection, Wall decoration


Historic buildings: chalk and clay cob

Published by: New Forest District Council, 1998
Area covered: South East
Associated website:

A provides an introduction chalk and clay cob including its history, problems and repair


The care & repair of earth structures

Published by: Test Valley Borough Council, 1995
Area covered: South East
Associated website:

Advice on the care and repair of chalk cob - basic do's and don'ts.


Wattle and daub

Published by: Essex County Council, 1999
Area covered: East of England
Associated website:

Advice on the maintenance, repair and conservation of wattle and daub panels in traditional houses and service buildings.