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Materials General


The Pattern of English Building

ISBN 0 571 13988 4

Author: Alec Clifton-Taylor

Published by: Faber and Faber (1962 to 1987)

A respected illustrated guide to regional materials and techniques found in historic buildings in England.


Chemistry Data Book

ISBN 0 7195 3951 X

Authors: Stark J & Wallace H

Published by: John Murray (Publishers) Ltd (1969 to 1994)

A reference book for Chemistry students and practitioners containing specialist data regarding periodic elements their properties and reactions.


Science for Conservators: Conservation Science Teaching Series

Volume 1: An Introduction to Materials

Volume 2: Cleaning

Volume 3: Adhesives and Coatings

Published by: Museums and Galleries Commission (1987) & Routledge (1992)

Vol 1: ISBN 0415 07166 6 (hbk), Vol 2: ISBN 0415 07164 X (hbk), Vol 3: ISBN 0415 07162 3 (hbk)

The books are designed as key basic texts for conservators introducing scientific concepts fundamental to the conservation of artifacts and building materials. The authors suggest that conservators often have little or no scientific training and that the series will provide non-scientists with the essential theoretical background to their work.


Choosing Building Materials

Published by: Peterborough City Council, 1988
Associated website:

Explains why the choice of building materials is important and provides an idea of which bricks and tiles are most suitable for new & old buildings


Materials in Waverley

Published by: Waverley Borough Council
Area covered: South East
Associated website:

Guidance on locally sourced building materials and their uses.


Materials source list

Published by: Broads Authority, 2003-4
Area covered: East of England
Associated website:

A guide to appropriate materials in the Broads and how to source them


Reclaimed building materials

Published by: Broadland District Council, 1997
Area covered: East of England
Associated website:

A list of reclaimed building materials companies within the Broadland District Council area.


Traditional building materials

Published by: Salisbury District Council
Area covered: South
Associated website:

Contains information on brick, stone, flint, cob, thatch etc.


How to make Beeswax Polish

by Jane Schofield
Published by: SPAB

A clearly illustrated guide on the advantages and disadvantages, materials and equipment required and the method of making a beeswax polish.