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Cleaning Historic Buildings

Volume 1 Substrates, Soiling and Investigation

Volume 2 Cleaning Materials and Processes

Vol 1, ISBN 1 873394 01 2 Vol 2 ISBN 1873394 11 X

Author: Nicola Ashurst

Published by: Donhead (1994)

A respected guide to the cleaning and the removal of paint from traditional materials in historic buildings. Includes stone metal and timber.


Building and maintenance guide 16: Ironwork gates and railings

Published by: London Borough of Islington
Area covered: London
Associated website: http://www.islington.gov.uk

A guide to the repair of gates and railings


Railings in Westminster

Published by: City of Westminster, September 1997
Area covered: London
Associated website: http://www.westminster.gov.uk/

A guide to the design repair and maintenance of railings within Westminster.


Conservation of Decorative Leadwork

Published by: SPAB

This pamphlet describes principles and practices used in the conservation of decorative architectural leadwork. Much original leadwork has already been lost, and poor repairs threaten Britain's surviving stock of historic decorative lead items, so every effort must be made to save what remains


Ancient and Historic Metals, Conservation and Scientific Research

by Scott DA, Podany J and Considine BB
ISBN 892362316
Published by: Getty Trust Publications, 1995


Metals; Practical Building Conservation Volume 4

by Ashurst J and N
Published by: Gower Technical Press 1988


Guide for Practitioners 5: Scottish Iron Structures

ISBN 1 904966 12 8
Published by: Historic Scotland

Historical overview of the production and use of wrought and cast iron in Scotland as well as guidance on structural appraisal, and appropriate conservation techniques.


Corrugated Iron and Other Ferrous Metal Cladding

ISBN 1 900168 83 9
Published by: Historic Scotland

Technical guidance, documentation and conservation techniques


Corrosion in Masonry Clad Early Twentieth Century Steel Framed Buildings

ISBN 1 900168 52 9
Published by: Historic Scotland

A guide drawing together existing information on current methodologies of repair and presenting details of newer technologies.


Plumbing Leadwork: Joints and Pipes

by Peter T J Rumley
Published by: SPAB

This Information Sheet explains the basic jointing techniques and methods of pipe fabrication used in plumbing leadwork (ie the making, fixing and maintenance of pipework for water supply and drainage, which requires skills different from those used in lead sheetwork for roofs and cladding). Materials such as cast iron, copper and plastic having replaced lead, the construction industry no longer offers training in plumbing leadwork. The skills of the plumbing leadworker remain essential, however, for the conservation of historic leadwork.


Metal and Leadwork

by Steven Parissien
Published by: Georgian Group

The Georgian Group Guide No. 8.The metal and ironwork guide has sections on the use of metal in staircases, railings and balconies, fire grates and door furniture including fanlights. There is also information on structural ironwork, paint colours for ironwork and maintaining and repairing ironwork.