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The Consultations Committee
The IHBC constantly monitors discussion papers issued by Government Departments and other national and regional organisations, together with Green and White Papers, proposed changes to policy and guidance and other consultations relevant to building conservation and heritage-led regeneration. The Consultations Committee formulates responses to these documents on behalf of the IHBC. The Consultations process is therefore a key element in formulating the IHBC’s external policy on a range of issues.

Current Consultations
The IHBC may not necessarily comment on all consultations, but we are glad to hear opinions from both members and non-members.

Right to Regenerate: reform of the Right to Contest
This consultation is to help to shape a reform of the Right to Contest, in order to encourage the right to be utilised more effectively and more widely to stimulate regeneration and the more productive use of land.
13th March 2021
National Planning Policy Framework and National Model Design Code: consultation proposals
The government is consulting on a series of proposals in response to the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission report, changes to the National Planning Policy Framework to place greater emphasis on beauty and place-making and a draft national design code.
27th March 2021
Heritage partnership agreements: regulations and guidance
The Welsh Government want to introduce agreements for the management of the historic environment.
12th April 2021
The Future Buildings Standard
Consultation on changes to Part L (conservation of fuel and power) and Part F (ventilation) of the Building Regulations for non-domestic buildings and dwellings; and overheating in new residential buildings.

Building Regulations Part L Conservation of Fuel & Power
Volume 1: Dwellings
Volume 2: Buildings other than dwellings

Building Regulations Part F Ventilation
Volume 1: Dwellings
Volume 2: Buildings other than dwellings

Building Regulations Overheating
13th April 2021
Archive of Past IHBC Consultations Responses

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Representations on any current paper can be made via this link. Representations are welcome from both members and non-members of the Institute.

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