IHBC Membership Application Training Events (MATE)


Support for accreditation from your professional body

MATE seminars offer talks and exercises to break down the application process, exploring the IHBC’s Areas of Competence and Conservation Cycle model, while also answering any queries. This ensures that applicants from any discipline or sector can get a common grounding in how the IHBC assesses interdisciplinary conservation standards in line with established international conservation standards and models, notably ICOMOS.

These events are a great way for prospective applicants to find out how to understand their skills, knowledge and experience in the context of IHBC membership criteria and accreditation.
And all this is free too, offered to anyone interested in IHBC membership as part of the IHBC’s charitable support for the care of the built and historic environment. Priority is given to existing IHBC members, Branches, networks and supporters, including commercial practices signed up to our HESPR quality assurance scheme.

Branch MATE Sessions

Branch MATE sessions offer not only explanations of the process and the Areas of Competence but also the opportunity to speak with other IHBC members to seek their advice and guidance on the application process. The session could be just the help and push you need to finally get on with your application and getting those all-important post nominals.

Private Sector MATE Sessions

Our private-sector sessions are modelled on Branch-led training events but tailored to respond to the personal experience of the delegates. Designed to introduce the thinking and process to anyone seeking IHBC accreditation, they consist of an introductory talk and mentored exercises. These help attendees feel more comfortable with a process that is for many – as we know from our substantial experience here – a challenging new CPD-experience in its own right.