IHBC’s Gus Astley Student Award (GASA): ‘Student Award Research Access Programme’

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The IHBC’s ’Student Award Research Access Programme’ extends access to practice and research submitted under the IHBC’s Gus Astley Student Award (GASA) initiative, where agreed by authors for publication in this format. 

The research published here is valued especially for how it can contribute to improvements in conservation standards, understanding and advocacy, where agreed by authors for publication in this format. 

Any reproduction, use or reference of the content is strictly circumscribed by the terms cited below. 

Users may search the content across all the publications. Where needed, in the first instance contact with authors should be made through the relevent course. Where not possible, on request, and subject to capacity and context, the IHBC will try to help users contact the authors as noted in the terms below. 

The programme is an ongoing charitable service that will be updated and extended periodically as capacity allows.

This digital publication service is supported by the IHBC CREATIVE Conservation Fund    


The IHBC’s ’Student Award Research Access Programme' is a public service that offers digital access to select submissions to the IHBC’s IHBC Gus Astley Student Award (GASA). Typically these are post-graduate research submissions produced to a standard approaching, equivalent to, or ahead of that found in professional practice. 

The IHBC's GASA awards programme has been celebrating student submissions relating to conservation since 2007. Typically, the IHBC receives more than 35 submissions each year. See here for our  Terms of submissions and judging

To encourage access to this important body of research work, since 2007 the IHBC has listed the titles of submissions and related details. That posting is agreed by author(s) at the point of submission, and may be found and searched HERE.

Some GASA award submissions have been deemed of such special relevance to conservation practice and research that they merit enhanced access.

When agreed with the author(s), these submissions have been posted on this service as digital publications - ‘Flipping Books’ - under the ‘IHBC’s GASA Digitisation programme’. Using this approach means that users are not able to download content, out of respect to the authors.

Images or content subject to copyright or judged subject to copyright are ‘redacted’ – e.g. through removal. 

Any copyright content not redacted should be notified to the IHBC by emailing contact@ihbc.org.uk.

Terms and conditions 

  1. This service makes accessible a selection of Gus Astley Award submissions deemed  especially relevant to the research and practice interests reflected in IHBC membership and agreed for use by the author[s].

  2. The IHBC has agreed that it will not extend access to content beyond this service without formal permission from the author(s).

  3. Uncredited use of original content from this service is considered plagiarism. It is no more acceptable in the public or academic domains than in applications for IHBC accreditation.

  4. Short quotations from submissions must cite ALL of the following:

    1. Full bibliographic details including author, degree and institution etc.

    2. The IHBC Gus Astley Student Award Submission Digitisation Programme (including this link https://www.ihbc.org.uk/gasa/submissions.html) as the source

    3. The submission’s URL

  5. For any more substantial reference to content, researchers and users should as far as possible access the content through the relevant conservation course or institution or other networks. Where that is not possible, and where capacity allows, the IHBC will try to help make contact with the authors. For queries email contact@ihbc.org.uk.

  6. Images or other content subject to copyright or judged subject to copyright have been  ‘redacted’ from the copy published here – e.g. through cutting or blurring. If any image or content is known to be copyright controlled, or has questionable copyright, please let us know by emailing contact@ihbc.org.uk and we will review the matter.

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