Submitting files

Before submitting files please ensure you have read guidelines Terms and Conditions link

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When you have filled in the form you will be sent a link to upload your files.

Advice on uploading large files
Although the large file upload system is capable of dealing with files up to 2Gb, before uploading your work please take a moment to consider minimising the file sizes. This will save your time uploading the files and ours receiving them.Modern digital cameras take photographs at very high resolutions and the resultant photographs are often much too big for reports and have to be shrunk considerably to fit the page. Depending on your word processor or desktop publisher, the full size picture file is often saved together with the photo used, unnecessarily increasing the file size. Consider taking photographs at a lower resolution or decreasing the image size before adding them to reports.

Before uploading a file, or files, create a ZIP archive. This usually results in a significantly smaller file size and has the added convenience, should you be submitting a number of files, of collecting them into one file.Creating a ZIP archive is simple in both Windows and Apple:


Select the files you wish to include in your submission. Right click/Send to/Compressed (zipped folder). Submit the resultant folder.


In Finder, select the files you wish to submit, Ctrl click/Compress items. Submit the resultant folder (default name Archive.zip)

Any technical problems email: it@ihbc.org.uk