Former GASA Winners

Caitlin Osbourne receives her award from Clara Arokiasamy

Catherine Jack receives her award from Clara Arokiasamy


Judge: Judge Clara Arokiasamy, President of ICOMOS-UK      
Winner:  Caitlin Osborne, By people, for people, meaningful public engagement & participation in heritage conservation, Birmingham City University  
Highly Commended:  Martin Whelehan,  Research Through Making - Medieval Inlaid Tiles, Building Crafts College, Stratford

Booth Bird Award for a Conservation Plan:  Catherine Jack, Conservation Management Plan for New Mill , Birmingham City University


Laura Long receives her award from Clara Arokiasamy


Judge: Ian Morrison OBE      
Joint Winner:  India Wright, Redevelopment of the Middle Temple following the Restoration, University of Cambridge  
Joint Winner:  Laura Long, Hempcrete use in historic buildings: review of recent trends, perceptions and barriers, University of York  
Commended:  Poppy Heneghan-Pickard,   The Effect of Tourism on the Innate Character and Authenticity of Crovie, Aberdeenshire, University of Edinburgh
Commended:  Matthew Cook,  The relationship between natural stone joint design, surface area and the properties of lime mortar joints, Heriot Watt University

Booth Bird Award for a Conservation Plan:  Peter Jenkins, Conservation Plan – Whitefriars Gatehouse, Coventry, Birmingham City University



Judge: Matthew Slocombe     
Winner: Felix Charteris, Retrofitting Democracy: The politics, perception and strategy behind the ‘Restoration and Renewal’ of the Palace of Westminster, University of York  
Highly Commended (Judge’s Choice): Nicola Storey, Traditional Buildings and the Race for Energy Efficiency, University of Bath
Highly Commended (IHBC’s CREATIVE Conservation Fund selection): Efthymia Stathopoulou, The Athenian Palimpsest ; Towards a Historic Urban Landscape, University of Edinburgh

Special Mention: Anna Jacka, Pragmatism or Pastiche? An exploration of the implications of re-creating or restoring garden structures using substitute materials, Birmingham City University
Booth Bird Award for a Conservation Plan: Frank Coyne, A Conservation Management Plan for Mutton Island Lighthouse, Galway, Ireland, Birmingham City University  


Sarah Khan receives her award from Clara Arokiasamy


Judge: Ben Cowell     
Winner: Sarah Kahn, The Ghost in the Machine: Occupants’ influence on the Environmental Performance in a Grade I Listed Buildin, Architectural Association  
Highly Commended: Tim Horne, Designation or Demolition? An exploration of the significance and conservation of London’s Post-War housing estates , Kingston University
Highly Commended: Charlotte Penny, Conservation Theory and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings Manifesto…, University of Westminster

Trustee’s Special Commendation: Rhona Fleming, Architectural Design for the Conservation of Built Heritage, Strathclyde University
Booth Bird Award for a Conservation Plan: Anna Jacka, Conservation Management Plan for Denny Abbey, Birmingham City University  



Judge: Ingval Maxwell OBE
Winner: Estefania Macchi, Conservation Design Project on St. James Board School, Calton, Glasgow, Strathclyde University
Highly Commended: Katerina Tzivelopoulou, Lost Brutalism: An Investigation into the Commercial Brutalist Architecture, Cardiff University
Highly Commended: Marianna Fotopoulou, Historic cob buildings in Wales-conservation approaches to meet contemporary needs and demands, Cardiff University

Special Award: Amanda Chester, Junction Works, Birmingham: Conservation Management Plan, Birmingham City University
Special Commendation: Katie Parsons, Climbing into History: An Interpretative study of post 16th Century staircases, Kingston School of Art (Kingston University)
Special Commendation: Christopher Hamill, Troubled Legacy: A Proposal For The Future Of Northern Ireland’s Conflict Heritages, University of Cambridge



Judge: Carole Souter CBE
Winner: Rodolfo Acevedo Rodríguez, Thornton Abbey Gatehouse - History, Design & Function c. 1382-1539, University of Cambridge
Highly Commended: Maria-Theodora Tzeli, The restoration of classical monuments in modern Greece a study of the historical development of materials and techniquesUniversity of Edinburgh
Highly Commended: Sean McEntee, Conservation and sustainability - Comparing the impacts of developer and conservation led schemes in Norton Folgate, London, University of Leicester
Special Commendation: Matthew Orme, Patent Office and Inventors Workshop for Kentish Inventors, University of Kent



Judge:  David Trench CBE FCIOB
Winner: Hilary Wyatt, An Introduction to Historic Marine Infrastructure in Exposed Tidal Harbours. Construction, Plan Form, Materials and Repair in the Inter-Tidal Zone. (With reference to the storms of winter 2013/2014),  Welsh School of Architecture

Commended: Andy Atkinson, Understanding precedence and how historical buildings inform development interventions in England, 1603-19  Anglia Ruskin University

Commended: Silvia Rossi, The decision making process for new housing developments in histroic areas: issues and solutions University of Central Lancashire 

Commended: Marc Pique Gascon, Gustavo Giovannoni: historic building conservation and modern planning development in ancient towns University of Bath

Commended: Tom Nancollas, A machine for living in: appraising the rock lighthouse interior, 1800-1905 Kingston University



Judge:  Professor May Cassar
Winner: Samantha Stones. Exploring the value of heritage,  Ironbridge Institute
Commended: Anna Shelley. Anne of Denmark as an Architectural Patron, 1603-19  University of Cambridge
Commended: Andrew McBride, Amongst the Ruins of Slains Castle – Is there a Future for Scotland’s ‘Dracula Castle’?  University of Strathclyde 

Commended: Rob Ward, Assessment of Large Drystone Structures on the Ffestiniog Railway  University of Edinburgh 


Judge: Professor Jukka Jokilehto
Winner: Sarah Hendriks. Spaces for Secular Music Performance in Seventeenth-Century England, Cambridge University
Special Commendation: Kjersti Bakkejord. The Future of the H-block in Oslo Should Norway's Government Building be Demolished, Conserved or Restored?  Strathclyde University
Commended: Nigel Green. History and Philosophy of Building Conservation Within London Underground - Success or Failure?  Bath University

Commended: Michael Nelles, Modernity in a historic setting: Urban redevelopment and the rise of the historic buildings conservation movement in Winchester, c1925-1970  Winchester Universiity 

Special Mention: Kate Kendall, Understanding Heritage Skills: Investigating the Conservation Professionals' Knowledge  Liverpool John Moores University 

Special Mention: Andy Pearson, The Conservation of Twentieth Century Buildings - An introduction to inherent defects of framed buildings.  Ironbridge Institute 


Judge: Jeremy Musson
Winner: Sebastion Fry. Function Tradition Ideology or Patron: What influenced the architecture of Knights Hospitaller Commandery Chapels and Associated Churches in Britain 1140-1370? Architectural Association
Commended: Lauren Ayers. The Significance and Protection of the Edwardian Terraced House, Oxford Brookes University
Commended: Tim Lewis. ‘Homes fit for heroes’ – An evaluation of non-traditional post war social housing Hester’s Way Cheltenham 1945-59 Ironbridge Institute 

Commended: Yuk Hong Ian Tan, Bridges to Our Heritage – The Significance of Five Historic Bridges over Singapore River, ECA 


Judge: Terry Levinthal
Winner: Aimée Felton. Securing a future: Non-heritage focused organisations’ approach to listed building maintenance. Oxford Brookes University.


Highly Commended: Richard Free. The English Model Farm: Agricultural Enlightenment or Social Statement? University of Bath.


Highly Commended: Lisa McIntyre. Are the Historic Bishop’s Palaces of the Church of England fit for purpose in the 21st Century?, Architectural Association (AA).


Commended: Zana Lloncari. Conservation of Vernacular Architecture in Kosova with reference to Kula as a special typology, Oxford Brookes University, 2011. 


Judge: Rory Cullen
Winner: Emma Anderson, Rising from the Rubble: An examination of the rebuilding of listed buildings after catastrophic destruction; Principles, Process and Practice, Oxford Brookes, 2010
Commended (Joint award): Tristan Dewhurst, Project – enhancing a public place: The Setting of St. Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol, University of the West of England, 2011
Commended (Joint award) Grant Prescott, The Future of Constructivist Architecture in Moscow, Manchester School of Architecture, 2011
Special Mention Michael MacDonagh, Finding New Uses for Irish Demesnes: authenticity and integrity issues, Edinburgh College of Art, 2010.


Judge: Trefor Thorpe, Chief Architect, CADW
Winner: Andrew Beckett, Oxford Brookes University, Building Preservation Trusts (BPTs)
Special Commendation with Distinction: Anne Brownley Raines, Edinburgh College of Art, A case study of area conservation & regeneration in an industrialized German region
Special Commendations: Tom Hulme, University of Leicester, The conservation of Gay heritage in Manchesterand;
Jayne Boldy, University of Bath, An analysis of local lists 


Judge: Dr Roger Bowdler, Head of Designation, English HeritageWinner: Emma Speers, Edinburgh College of Art (Edinburgh University), An Assessment of Energy in Traditional Vernacular Buildings in Northern Ireland; Comparisons of Embodied Energy in Traditional Vernacular Buildings versus New Build Construction
Special Commendation: Kate Walker, Ironbridge Institute (University of Birmingham), Conservation Management Plan: Enson Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
Commendation: Zoe Kemp, Leeds Metropolitan University, Conservation-led Regeneration: Friend or Foe?
Commendation: Alexandra Reddaway, University of Edinburgh, Space Structures and Historic Buildings:Long Span Roofing Systems
Commendation: Georgie Hayes, University of Edinburgh, The investigation into the Importance of Heritage and the ability to reinvent and enhance a Historic Site sympathetically with modern Architecture and Engineering methods 


Judge: Malcolm Cooper, Chief inspector, Historic Scotland
Winner: Bridget Pereira, Edinburgh College of Art (Edinburgh University), Conserving Brasilia: People Versus Buildings?
Special Commendation: Crispin Edwards, University of Leicester, Brooklands Road, Manchester: a case study examining heritage values of stakeholders in a Conservation Area 
Special Commendation: Eva Mendez, Oxford Brookes University, Tourism and Heritage in Northwest Spain, with special reference to the Ibias municipality
Special Commendation: Tapasya Samal, University of Bath, Re-presenting the past: Transforming historic buildings – an inherently sustainable practice
Special Commendation: Emma Jones, Ironbridge Institute (University of Birmingham), National Trust mansion properties – do they have adequate basic building maintenance regimes? 


Judges: Bob Kindred MBE (IHBC Local Government Officer and Conservation Manager, Ipswich BC),
Nathan Blanchard (IHBC Wales Branch representative on Council and private consultant),
David Lovie (IHBC President and private consultant) Seán O’Reilly (IHBC Director)
Winner: David Hills, Building Conservation Course, Architectural Association, ‘Barbican: MODern CONServation?’
Judges comments: An interesting and untypical subject with value for the future application of Heritage Management Agreements. It has a very thorough and good consideration of traditional conservation philosophy applied to a very difficult modern case. An excellent read and on balance it was the most accomplished on most levels.
Special Commendation: Aishwarya Tipnis MSc in European Urban Conservation, University of Dundee. ‘St. David’s Hall: A Conservation Plan.’
Judges Comments: Notable for the exceptional quality of presentation, which any consultant would be proud to replicate as the finished article, it didn’t have a dissertation feel nor one of work undertaken by a student. This was no doubt down to the format of the task but its relevance stood out as a result of its difference from the other submissions. It possessed good content and adopted a traditional approach to a traditional subject.
Special Mention: Mark D. Pearce Diploma in Conservation of Historic Buildings, Architectural Association,‘The Development of the Ecclesiastical Architecture of Sharpe, Paley and Austin.’.
Judges Comments: This is a very thorough and well-considered architectural biography of a regional, well-known but little understood practice. It would make a good resource for architectural historians.