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What is GASA?

‘Gus gave so much to the Institute, particularly through his encouragement of newer members. So the Astleys, as the awards are becoming known, are a fitting way for us to remember Gus and to invest in the future of conservation.’
Eddie Booth, IHBC President 2008 - 2011

The Annual IHBC Gus Astley Student Award is presented in memory of Gus Astley, former Membership Secretary of the IHBC, and supported by the IHBC and the Creative Conservation Fund.The award is presented for an outstanding item of taught-coursework accepted as part of either under-graduate or post-graduate courses. The subject should relate to one or more aspects of ‘Historic Environment Conservation’, including its evaluation (eg history, research or surveying), management (eg policy and finance) or implementation (eg design and technology). The IHBC’s Membership Standards and Guidelines for Applicants provides further information on historic environment conservation, and the IHBC’s membership criteria to which these relate (see www.ihbc.org.uk).

The winner(s) of the award are announced in Context, the journal of the IHBC, and at the IHBC’s Annual School. Applicants may be offered the opportunity to speak about their work, or related material, at the relevant annual school following the announcement of the results.