Each year successful Student Award entrants are offered free places at the IHBC’s Annual School, which can be worth up to about £500. During these Schools winners have a unique opportunity to network with practitioners and experience conservation in action and in theory, while the prizes are presented at the Annual Dinner.

Below are a few of the warm words generated by our Annual Schools, and which we consider to be very much part of the ‘IHBC Gus Astley Annual Student Award’ winning experience!

Aimée Felton 2012 Award Winner

“Firstly, thank you to the IHBC for the invitation to the 2013 Carlisle Summer School, this year focusing on skills. The weekend was full of useful refreshers on policy and legislation, fascinating tours to a part of the country I am utterly unfamiliar and meeting fellow professionals, who were equally captivating to network with and share comparisons of the industry. Since returning to London after some encouragement at the Summer School I am progressing with my application to become a full IHBC member and applying for the AABC register also.

I hope to attend the Summer School 2014 in Edinburgh to catch up with those I met this year and see what the 2014 applicants of the Gus Astley Award have to offer.”

Lisa McIntyre 2012, Highly commended

“I’m really grateful to the IHBC for providing me a place at the summer school. It was an informative and interesting few days, with some great, engaging speakers, and a varied selection of excursions, which were both enlightening and just plain enjoyable. As a young professional in the field, it was a particularly great opportunity to meet with others working in the heritage sector around the country, all with different experiences, opinions, perspectives and advice.

I became an IHBC Affiliate member quite recently but I feel that attending the school and meeting other members is really going to be the impetus behind me engaging more with the IHBC from here on in. It’s also encouraged me to look into options for publishing a paper based on my essay, not only in order to disseminate my research but also in the spirit of the good work of the IHBC and the Gus Astley awards in encouraging and supporting emerging professionals.”

Emma Anderson 2011 Winner

Emma, 2011 winner and Associate member,said: “I found the Annual School in Winchester very interesting. The debate about significance and its assessment is crucial for all practitioners in conservation and heritage matters, so it is very useful to hear the views of others, particularly English Heritage. It is also such a good opportunity to meet people working in the the same field. It is very useful for those working in local government and EH to hear the views of those working in historic buildings – and vice versa. Good communication and understanding can only improve relationships and speed up decision making.

I was completely delighted to receive the Gus Astley prize and I am hoping to re-edit the dissertation with a view to submitting it for publication. I am starting a DPhil in Architectural History at Oxford in the autumn so further study awaits – all the better to inform my understanding of buildings! Thanks very much indeed.” Grant Prescott, 2011 IHBC Gus Astley Award, Commended, and IHBC Affiliate member, said: “I really enjoyed both the interesting lectures during the day and the dinner in the evening. I’m going to start working on my boss for funding to attend the Annual School next year!”

Crispin Edwards 2009 Special Commendation

Crispin, Fringe Speaker and IHBC Affiliate member said: “I would like to record my thanks to the Institute for the kind invitation to this year’s Annual School. The commendation in this year’s Gus Astley awards, and invitation to speak at the Fringe School, were gratefully received, and the experience was thoroughly pleasurable and very useful. The invitation to the rest of the school was equally welcome, and the prize for the Gus Astley Award allowed me to stay overnight. I have gained a great deal through my membership of the Institute, but my involvement with the award and the Annual School has been very rewarding, and I commend the Institute for making the awards and reaching out to a wider audience in this way. I would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks to the Council, and to the organisers of the awards and the Annual School.”

Emma Jones 2009 Special Commendation

Emma, Fringe Speaker and IHBC Affiliate member said: “Initial pride and excitement at winning one of the Gus Astley Awards turned to shock and awe on arrival at the Devonshire Dome – a fabulously impressive building in Buxton where the IHBC fringe was being held. Thankfully, the lecture room was a small room round the back!! Though I needn’t have worried – the people who turned up for the Gus Astley presentations were keen to hear, and very encouraging with their help, advice and comments all weekend. I was delighted to hear the other Award Winners speak – really diverse and interesting subjects, and a really high standard, I was shocked to have been included in the winners’ group!! In all, a really enjoyable and interesting weekend. Great lunch, lovely people!!!”