IHBC Annual School - Belfast 2018
Our Shared Heritage -
communication, negotiation, transformation
Thursday 21 - Saturday 23 June 2018



As a charity dedicated to the promotion of education and learning in built and historic environment conservation, the IHBC is delighted to be able to offer up to £4,000 of funding for bursaries to assist members in attending the 2018 Annual School.

Principles: Free School bursary places

Based on applications and statements of need, we intend to offer up to 5 Full School (Residential) bursary places and up to 11 Day School bursary places to any category of member of the IHBC attending the Institute’s Annual School who demonstrates need and added value in line with the criteria below:

  • Financial need, demonstrated through evidence of income, and
  • Adding value, including for example:
    • Relevance of the School theme and/or location to the applicant, including documented learning needs and/or CPD relevance
    • Evidence of financial or comparable contributions allocated or committed to by other bodies, such as by trainers or employers, including to travel costs.
    • Proven participation on conservation activities, including as a volunteer, or future participation agreed with IHBC authorities such as Committees and/or Branches.

Each case will be judged on its own merits, and assessed in line with the criteria identified above.

As places are available only until funds are distributed, there is no formal closing date. However, applicants are encouraged to submit their bursary application as soon as possible, and while the above criteria are critical, competent early submission is taken as an important demonstration of ‘relevance’ to the applicant.

We will endeavour also to reply promptly although precise timings will depend on the number of applications.

All applications will be kept confidential in line with the terms below.

Priority areas in 2018 bursary awards
Those demonstrating need who are members of IHBC’s Council+ forum, and/or currently serving as IHBC volunteers – including those assisting at the 2018 School.

School Booking process

When booking a place at the School using our online booking system, any bursary, where sought or offered, should be noted in the ‘Notes’ field of the form.

No money will be paid to successful applicants and the decision of the IHBC is final.


IHBC bursaries will not cover travel costs, but separate requests for travel support – including detailed justification - may be made within a bursary application.

Successful applicants not already participating in the School may be asked to add capacity to the work of the School as volunteers, and/or assist in communications before, during or after the event.

Individual bursaries will not be publicised without the express agreement of the recipient.

Applying for a bursary

Please email the following details in support of your case to bursaries@ihbc.org.uk:

  • Personal and professional contact details (including IHBC number, alternative email addresses, etc.)
  • The personal and professional benefits attached to your attendance, in line with the criteria listed above, including especially links to your career plans in line with the relevant extract from your Continuing Professional Development or related skills and learning plans
  • Applications supported by employer, trainer or personal funding, such as for travel or study linked to the School, is encouraged but not essential. However information on such support may demonstrate how value can be added to bursaries.
  • Specifically, how your attendance will add value to the Annual School.
  • If you are willing to have your award publicised (this is for information only and does not form part of the consideration of the application).

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