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SAVE has been described as the most influential conservation group to be formed since William Morris founded the Society for the Protection Ancient Monuments over a century ago. It was established in 1975 - European Architectural Heritage Year - by a group of journalists, historians, architects, and planners to campaign publicly for endangered historic buildings through press releases, lighting leaflets, reports, books and exhibitions.
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The Scottish Civic Trust was founded in 1967 with the purpose of providing leadership and focus in the protection, enhancement and development of Scotland's built environment.
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The Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA) was set up in 1991 'to promote the design of communities, environments, projects, systems, services, materials and products which enhance the quality of life of, and are not harmful to, living species and planetary ecology'.
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The Scottish Lime Centre Trust (SLCT) was established in 1994 as a ‘not for profit’ organisation registered as a charity in Scotland. Our aims and objectives are to: - Promote for the public benefit the appropriate repair of Scotland's traditional and historic buildings; - Advance education through the provision of advice, training and practical experience in the use of lime for the repair and conservation of such buildings and - Promote and further the preservation and development of Scottish building traditional, crafts and skills.
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The aim of the Scottish Stone Liaison Group is to enhance availability, promote utilisation and advance knowledge and skills in design, specification and use of indigenous Scottish stone in existing and new build projects.
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The Scottish Vernacular Buildings Working Group (SVBWG) was set up in 1972 to provide a focus for people interested in the traditional buildings of Scotland. A key activity of the group is publication of research about the buildings, their materials, their setting, their social role and so on.
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The Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006, warmly welcomes membership applications from individuals from all walks of life who are interested in the history of architecture of all places and in all periods of time. The Society exists to encourage an interest in the history of architecture, to provide opportunities for the exchange and discussion of ideas related to this subject and to publish, in its journal, Architectural History, significant source material and the results of original research.
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The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) was founded by William Morris in 1877 to counteract the highly destructive 'restoration' of medieval buildings being practiced by many Victorian architects. Today it is the largest, oldest and most technically expert pressure group fighting to save old buildings from decay, demolition and damage.
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The Stone Federation of Great Britain is the official trade association for the natural stone industry. The Federation co-ordinates all aspects of the industry and provides specifiers and users with a first point of contact for information, advice and guidance in sourcing an appropriate material and a reliable service.
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The Survey Association, more commonly known as TSA, was formed in 1979 to represent the views and business concerns of the private surveying companies in the United Kingdom. TSA is run by a full time Secretariat based in Newark on Trent and currently has in excess of one hundred and twenty members. The member companies range in size from one man operations to major businesses employing many hundreds of people. Members are drawn from a wide range of surveying disciplines including Land, Building, Hydrographic, Underground Mapping and Photogrammetry.
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The Theatres Trust was established to 'promote the better protection of theatres' and the creation of this website forms part of our on-going strategy to disseminate information on the work of the Trust, on theatre buildings, their architecture, design and protection.
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The Thorney Island Society takes its name from the island in the Thames which was once no more than a dense thicket upon which Westminster Abbey was first built. It is a conservation and amenity group founded in 1985 - its objective being to save the library erected in Great Smith Street in 1893. Today it continues to look after the interests of both residents and businesses within the area and acts as 'watch dog' on local planning and development issues. The Society is also concerned about the extension of conservation boundaries and the scale and aesthetics of building programmes within its remit. Enquiries to: The Thorney Island Society, 39 Westminster Mansions, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BP
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The Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society and the TACS Gazetteer is an exciting three year project that aims to locate, survey and analyse the principal British ceramic sites of all periods. A task never previously attempted. In addition, links give access to other interesting ceramics sites and you can now search the TACS database on line.
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The Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) - is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products. TRADA is a company limited by guarantee and not-for-profit membership-based organisation. TRADA's origins go back over 70 years and its name is synonymous with independence and authority. Its position in the industry is unique with a diverse membership encompassing companies and individuals from around the world and across the entire wood supply chain, from producers, merchants and manufacturers, to architects, engineers and end users.
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The Transylvania Trust is a non-profit organization established in 1996 to promote and manage conservation and research of the built heritage in the Transylvanian region of Romania. The built heritage of Transylvania is vibrant and diverse, with architecture and landscapes representing the rich history of many cultures. From 13th century churches, castles, mansions and historic cities and towns to 19th century village homes, many structures have survived wars, invasions and numerous migrations. The Transylvania Trust's activities are actively supported by IHBC
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The Twentieth Century Society exists to safeguard the heritage of architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards. One of the Societyâs prime objectives is education, with education comes appreciation. With conservation, another prime objective, comes the continued opportunity for extending our knowledge about those buildings or artifacts, whether important or humble, rare or commonplace as the red telephone kiosk, that characterise the Twentieth Century in Britain.
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The UK Heritage Research Group (UKHRG) brings together organisations from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales involved in commissioning policy research about the heritage sector. Management of the Group is co-ordinated by the Policy and Strategic Development Department at the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the e-resources are co-ordinated by Ian Baxter at Glasgow Caledonian University.
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Founded in 1978, the Urban Design Group is a campaigning membership organisation. It believes that urban design is not the job of any single profession. Making successful places depends on breaking down professional barriers and building collaborations between the people with the power to make things happen.
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The Ulster Architectural Heritage Society (UAHS) exists to promote the appreciation and enjoyment of architecture from the prehistoric to the present in the nine counties of Ulster, and to encourage its preservation and conservation.
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The UK National Commission for UNESCO was formally re-instated on March 30, 2004 by Hilary Benn. It was the culmination of the Campaign Group’s work since the termination of the previous National Commission by his predecessor exactly one year earlier.

Unesco World Heritage website
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The Vernacular Architecture Group An international organisation for all those interested in lesser traditional buildings. Formed in 1952 to further the study of traditional buildings, originally those of the British Isles. In recent years, its membership and publications have also reflected a growing interest in buildings from other parts of the world.
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The Victorian Society is the national society responsible for the study and protection of Victorian and Edwardian architecture and other arts. It was founded in 1958 to fight the then widespread ignorance of nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture. Among its thirty founder members were John Betjeman and Nikolaus Pevsner.
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The CFA Voysey Society has been founded to celebrate the oeuvre of the architect and designer Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941), one of the leading figures in both the Arts and Crafts movement and its immediate successors.
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The War Memorials Trust works for the protection and conservation of war memorials in the UK. We provide advice and information to anyone as well as running grant schemes for the repair and conservation of war memorials. The website provides a range of resources to help you discover more about war memorials and their preservation. Please remember we are a registered charity relying entirely on voluntary contributions to undertake our work.
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The Welsh Stone Forum was created in 2003 to promote awareness and knowledge of the use of natural stone in Wales. Membership of the forum is open to all (see details below) and currently includes those working in the fields of conservation, heritage, planning, geology, architecture and masonry.
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World Monuments Fund in Britain has been in operation for 10 years as an affiliate of the World Monuments Fund in New York, which has been active since 1965. The organisation has raised awareness, funding and contributed valuable technical and managerial expertise to saving hundreds of monuments around the world.
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YaleBooks Yale London originates about 120 books each year (and distributes 20-30 further titles for other publishers) within a total Yale University Press list of some 300 new hardcover and 150 new paperback books annually. It has a backlist of about 5000 titles.
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York Conservation Trust Limited - Initially Ings Property Company Limited, was formed in 1945 by Dr John Bowes Morrell and his brother Mr Cuthbert Morrell, both of whom had been buying medieval properties in York for many years, which they restored and rehabilitated, together with Dr Morrell's son Mr William Bowes Morrell. Their properties were combined under one company - Ings Property Company Limited - without expectation of profit until 1976, when they bequeathed all the properties in the company to the current registered charity, York Conservation Trust Limited.