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After more than a decade of exploration, interrogation, and debate, the IHBC has produced a discussion document on what form modern governance in the IHBC might take, drafted by IHBC Chair - and past Consultations Consultant - James Caird.

Already offered for consultation across the Institute the IHBC's board of trustees is recommending for approval at the next AGM, in Nottingham on 5 July the most recent version of the working document, the 'Proposal for future governance of the Institute'.

IHBC Officers on the consultation on 'future governance'

IHBC President David McDonald said: ‘The new discussion document encapsulates our thoughts on the future of the IHBC as a modern professional body, fit for purpose and working to modern standards. By contributing to these plans, you can help shape and refine our thoughts to date, and help us bring them to fruition in the best possible way.’

‘Here James has pulled together a huge variety of data, strategies and issues, following more than a decade of exploration, interrogation, and debate across the IHBC.’

‘In the past, as our consultations consultant, we have all seen James tie together innumerable threads and dispositions into a meaningful, coherent and balanced set of conclusions, and help us find the right way forward. We think he has managed to do that again in this document, helping us nail down structures for the modernisation of our governance.’

‘Also, like our ordinary consultations, James’ draft demands further input and refinement from those who care about the IHBC and our work – our members – and now we want members of all categories and levels of engagement to help us plan and refine our next steps’.

James Caird said: ‘The modernisation of our constitution must respond to modern standards of governance of course, but also reflect the new operations and capacity in the institute. And it needs to be able to respond to the rapidly changing working environment and needs of all of our members: offering both flexibility, but also stability.’

‘So, after drawing together thoughts, lessons and initiatives that have evolved since we first established the National Office in 2004, we have our base-line discussion document, approved by trustees at no less than two board meetings.’

‘Now, David and I are travelling around those Branches and member meetings to discuss the issues and thoughts. And I’m delighted to have such positive feedback, and new ideas to work with too, and I look forward to hearing more over the coming weeks and months.’

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Not everyone will be able to make those meetings – or want to – so James’ paper offers everyone the chance to read and review current thoughts, and feed thoughts back to us.’

‘Members – of all categories – are encouraged to do that direct to the dedicated email address governance@ihbc.org.uk or to any of us, or at any of the local meetings too that we are attending across the country.’

Respond to the document at governance@ihbc.org.uk

David McDonald

David McDonald

David McDonald

James Caird

David McDonald
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