The IHBC’s 2012 Annual School explores ‘significance’, including associated principles such as ‘special interest’ and the processes for assessing value. These are some of the most challenging areas for the conservation specialist today, especially as we try so hard to cater to so many - and such diverse - interests.

The IHBC’s 2012 School will provide delegates from all backgrounds with opportunities to hear the latest thinking on who decides what significance is, how it can be determined, and what its role is in conservation.

Deciding on the value of our heritage is the first step in assessing how best to care for it. If we don’t understand what is significant, we cannot be sure that we will care properly for what we value, or allocate precious conservation resources efficiently.

For conservation professionals including IHBC members and prospective members, issues around significance lie
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at the heart of the first of the IHBC’s ‘Practical Areas of Competence’, Evaluation. Significance also underpins advice and decision across all the IHBC’s Areas of Competence, and so has a wide-ranging relevance both to mandatory CPD for Full Members and, to Affiliates, those working towards full membership. (

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The programme is designed for all specialists working in the historic environment, across planning, architecture, urban design, heritage management, landscape and in other conservation projects and initiatives. The School particularly welcomes people working in national and local government, private practice, education and voluntary bodies.

The Annual School will bring together speakers from different specialist backgrounds to explain and explore how we assess and protect significance of buildings, landscapes and sites today, and to consider how we might improve those processes for the future.

The School will be based in the historic city of Winchester. The main Day School venue is the Victorian Guildhall. The Annual School includes specialist site visits, and additional networking events in historic settings. Accommodation is in the centrally located Winchester Royal Hotel (

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