IHBC Annual School 2015 Bursaries


As a charity dedicated to the promotion of education and learning in built and historic environment conservation, the IHBC is delighted to be able to offer up to £5,000 of funding for bursaries to assist members in attending the 2015 Annual School.




We intend to provide up to 20 bursaries of up to £250 each to members of the IHBC attending the Institute’s 2015 Annual School.   Each case will be judged on its own merits, and assessed in line with the criteria identified below. Applicants are encouraged to submit their bursary application as soon as possible.  We will endeavour also to reply as soon as possible, though clearly precise timings will depend on the number of applications.

Please note that individual bursary allocations may be more or less than £250, as we must get best value from the entire allocation, and submissions will be judged on a case-by-case basis. All applications will be kept confidential.




When booking a place at the School using our online booking system, any bursary application or, if offered, bursary award, should be noted in the ‘Notes’ field of the form.  Awards will be deducted from the final charge attached to the delegate place.  No money will be paid to successful applicants and the decision of the IHBC is final.


Successful applicants may be asked to contribute to the organization or running of the event and/or its promotion, depending on circumstances.  Specific allocations will not be publicised without the express agreement of the recipient.



Priorities in 2015 bursary awards: Council+

To support the ‘experimental evolution’ in the institute’s governance that is progressing under the title of ‘IHBC+’  (http://ihbconline.co.uk/newsachive/?p=9169) special priority for bursary support will be offered to members nominated to sit on the inaugural meeting of our extended Council (Council+) on 21 June (full details to be advertised), in Norwich on the Sunday after the Annual School.


Further arrangements for Council+ are under development, but currently the process anticipates volunteers from any IHBC membership category (Affiliate, Associate or Full), or any stage in their career (student; early career; fully qualified or retired) contributing to the forward planning and oversight of all aspects of the IHBC’s UK operations.  This involves meeting with colleagues on Council+ for at least two days each year.  For 2015 these days are programmed to be the Sunday after the Annual School (21 June, in Norwich) and December 3rd, in London.  To support attendance at any Council+ meeting, reasonable travel costs are covered by the IHBC in line with the current policy on expenses.


For 2015 the Annual School bursary awards will give special consideration to helping new members of Council+ attend the Full School in Norwich as this includes the linked AGM on 19th June, and leads into the Council+ meeting on the Sunday.  Please note that this special consideration cannot be offered to trustees due to restrictions arising from trustees’ roles in the charity.


Anyone interested in contributing as a new member of Council+ should notify their local Branch in the first instance, and seek endorsement from the committee in line with existing Branch practice, or contact Kate Kendall, IHBC’s LETS Liaison Officer at LETS@ihbc.org.uk.


Please note also that the IHBC is making arrangements to offer online access and/or reporting to widen access for any Council+ member unable to attend a meeting.



To apply

Please email the following details in support of your case to bursaries@ihbc.org.uk:


  • Contact details (including IHBC number, alternative email addresses, etc)
  • The personal and professional benefits attached to your attendance, including links to your career plans in line with your CPD
    (see http://www.ihbc.org.uk/learning/cpd/index.html)
  • If you have final or interim agreement from your Branch, or the IHBC’s board of trustees (Council), to sit on the IHBC’s new Council+ on Sunday 21 June, and that you intend to do so.
  • Additional funding that will or may be available (both personal and employer funding is welcome; it does not have to be confirmed, but clearly you can add value to bursaries by generating matched funding)
  • How your attendance will add value to the event.
  • If you are willing to have your award publicized


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