IHBC Enterprises Ltd

IHBC Business Office, Jubilee House, High Street, Tisbury  SP3 6HA
Tel  01747 873133

Which IHBC Branch are you based in?

Staff based in South West, Scotland, East Midlands

Which county are you based in?


Describe the work your company carries out

IHBC Enterprises is the trading arm of The Institute of Historic Building Conservation. It employs the extensive research, writing and conservation skills of its staff to promote historic environment research, project development, initiation of projects and project management which will be of benefit to the IHBC, its members and the wider heritage sector. Projects carried out include research and survey work, piloting new projects, report compilation, organisation of schools and conferences, including the IHBC’s Annual School & administration services for other bodies.

Give examples of up to three projects you have undertaken

  • Lincolnshire Heritage at Risk Project Lincolnshire Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire Project design and development of a project aimed at formulating a strategy for addressing heritage at risk in Lincolnshire through the involvement of local community volunteers.

HESPR 'Designated Service Adviser'

Name: Fiona Newton

Job title: Operations Director

Tel:  01507 602567 

Email:  projects@ihbc.org.uk

Which of the following roles do you consider your company carries out under the HESPR scheme?

Historic Building conservation 

Conservation planning 

Architectural design and new build in historic areas  

Historical research 

Historic area assessments 

Project Management  YES


Other  Historic environment sectoral research, project development and project management