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This searchable database lists those individual practitioners accredited by the IHBC who have agreed to have select details made available online. It is based on the information in our membership database and is updated approximately every three months.

How to use the database: Engaging IHBC members

Many, though not all, of the practitioners listed here offer conservation advice and other services to clients in a variety of capacities, for example as company staff or as private consultants. You can search it using a range of criteria, including by name.

If you want to engage an IHBC accredited specialist practitioner in your area simply search the list by our regional Branches and then identify those members with the appropriate skills in any relevant discipline (for example RICS, for surveyors; RIAS/RIBA/RSUA/ for architects, or CIfA for archaeologists etc.). You can also search by discipline, such as 'Eng' or 'ICE' for engineers.

Then, if you would like to contact any of the individuals listed please email Joanna Theobald at and she will send you the relevant email contacts so that you can make your initial enquiries direct.

Finding IHBC members & How to use the database: Finding an IHBC HESPR company

This database does not include company listings. If you are looking for a company that works to the IHBC's principles and standards please search our web listing of HESPR companies. This also provides links to the websites of HESPR companies.

The database below identifies those members formally linked to the IHBC's list of HESPR companies through their role as the IHBC's 'Designated Service Adviser' (DSA) in a HESPR company. if you want to find out more about the role of the DSA see our HESPR website.

IHBC Database of Accredited Practitioners: Terms of reference

  • Database Scope
  • Accredited Full members may opt out
  • Affiliates are not listed
  • Associates must be listed
  • A search option is available for Full Members representing IHBC's HESPR companies as 'Designated Service Adviser' (DSA). See our HESPR website for more information.
  • The IHBC Yearbook lists IHBC members of all categories.
  • Data is updated quarterly, and based on information provided by IHBC members.
  • HESPR - the IHBC's heritage business listing: If you are looking for a company that works to the IHBC's standards please search our company listing at

If you would like to contact any individuals listed here please email our Support Officer at

If you are accredited by the IHBC as a Full Member and would like to be added to this database please contact Joanna Theobald at
Category First Name Last Name Qualifications IHBC Branch HESPR DSA Previous (Re-) Accreditation (5-year cycle)*
Full Malcolm Airs DPhil, MA, BA, FSA, IHBC South
Full Jacob Amuli MACons(York), AdvDipURP(ARI), IHBC East Midlands
Full Elaine Artherton BA(Hons) PGCArchHist IHBC West Midlands
Full Roz Artis MRICS RICS Accreditation in Building Conservation, IHBC Scotland
Full David Baker OBE FSA MIfA IHBC East Anglia
Full Nigel Barker BA(Hons) PHD Dip Cons AA FSA IHBC South East
Full Robert Bartlett MSc MCIOB IHBC PGCE QTLS LCGI MIFL South East
Full James Bate BSc (Hons) PGCert. PDD (Build. Cons.) IHBC East Midlands
Full Dave Baxter MA, BA(Hons), DipDBE, MRTPI, IHBC West Midlands
Full Kate Baxter-Hunter BA(Hons)TP, IHBC South West
Full Gregory Beale MSc, BAHonsPlan, DipTP, MRTPI, IHBC South West
Full Marc Beattie MA (Hons), MSc EurUrbCons, IHBC Overseas
Full Helena Benes BScEcon, DipTP, DipConsAA, MRTPI, IHBC London
Full Steve Berry PGDip, DipArch, BA(Hons), CIAT, IHBC Wales 2015
Full David Birkett BArch(Hons), DipCons(Grad)AA, RIBA, FSAI, IHBC South
Full Hal Bishop BA(Hons), MA, Cert Ecol&Cons, MIFA, IHBC South West
Full Stephen Boniface DipBldgCons(RICS), FRICS, MAE, IHBC East Anglia
Full Clare-Louise Booth BA(Hons), DipTP, MA, MRTPI, IHBC Yorkshire 2016
Full Eddie Booth BA(Hons)Urb&RegP, DipUD, FSA, MRTPI, IHBC South East [Yes](
Full Lisa Brooks Bsc(Hons) DipBldgCons FRICS IHBC South East 2016
Full Michael Brown CBS, MRICS, Dip Bldg Cons, IHBC London
Full Amy Burbidge BA, MABldgArchaeol, IHBC, Dip UD East Midlands
Full Jon Burgess BPlan, BA(Hons)T&CP, MAArchCons, PhD, MRTPI, IHBC East Anglia [Yes](
Full Nichola Burley MAT&CP, BA(Hons)Arch, DipArchCons, CertUD, MRTPI, IHBC South West [Yes](
Full Rebecca Burrows MScHisCons, BA (Hons), IHBC Yorkshire 2014
Full Joanna Burton MPhil BA (Hons) IHBC East Anglia 2014
Full Franziska Callaghan MScArchCons, MAHistArt/Arch, DipID, IHBC East Anglia
Full Sheena Campbell DipBldgCons (RICS), PGCertUED(dist), MAPlanning(dist), DipURP, BA(Hons)Geog, IHBC Yorkshire
Full Simon Cartlidge BA, BArch, MCD, RIBA, AABC, IHBC, SPAB Scholar South West
Full Jill Channer MA, FSA, FRSA, IHBC South West
Full Peter Child BAArchaeol, DipConStudies, IHBC South West
Full Gill Chitty PhD, BA, PGDipBldgCons, FSA, MIFA, IHBC Yorkshire
Full Joyce Christie BSc(Hons)Arch, DipArch, PGDipCHE, RIBA, IHBC South
Full Judy Cligman MA, BA(Hons), PGDipCons, DMS, IHBC London
Full Alastair Coey BSc, DipArch, MUBC, RIBA, RSUA, RIAI, IHBC Northern Ireland
Full Jefferson Collard BA(Hons), DipBldgConsAA, MRTPI, IHBC South East
Full Richard Collis BSc(Hons) BArch RIBA AABC IHBC South West
Full Trish Connolly BSc (Hons), PGDipEUC, MRTPI, IHBC Scotland
Full Ruth Connolly MScEurUrbCons, BA(Hons), PGDip U&RPlanning, MRTPI, IHBC Yorkshire
Associate Evaluation Tom Copp BA(Hons), MA South West 2016
Full Diana Coulter BA (Hons) PGDipLib MA DipConsHistEnv (RICS), IHBC South 2013
Full Allan Cox BA(Hons), DipArch, DipCons(AA), RIBA, IHBC South East
Full Sara Crofts BArch(Hons) MSc IHBC FRSA East Midlands
Full Matthew Crook MA, BScHeritCons, IHBC North West
Full Amy Davidson BA(Hons), MScHistCons, IHBC London 2014
Associate Evaluation Louisa Davidson BA(Hons), MA, AssocIHBC West Midlands 2015
Full David Davidson BAArchStuds, MAArchCons, IHBC London
Full Kathryn Davies BA(Hons), MA, DPhil (Oxon), Dip TP, MRTPI, IHBC South 2013
Full Christopher Davis IHBC, RICS, CIAT East Anglia
Full Laurie Davis BSc, MSc, IHBC South West
Full Caroline Davison BA(Hons), MAEnv&HeritInterp, GradDipConsAA, IHBC East Anglia
Full Alistair Day BSc(Hons)TP, DipTP, MAArchBldgCons, MRTPI, IHBC East Anglia
Full Richard Dean BSc(Hons) MArch(Dist) FRMetS FRSH IHBC RIBA SCA Wales
Full Andrew Derrick BA(Hons)ArtHist, PGDipBldgCons, IHBC London [Yes](
Full Harriet Devlin MA(Cantab), PGCE,DipCons(RSUA),AMA,IHBC West Midlands
Full Kate Dickson MA(Hons) Arch, MA UrbDes, DipArch, ARB, IHBC North West
Full Jonathan Duck BSc (Hons) MSc PgDip IHBC FRSA East Anglia
Full John Earl MRICS, FSA, FRSA, IHBC London
Full David Edleston BA(Hons), Dip Arch, RIBA, IHBC East Anglia
Full Bob Edwards BSc(Hons)HeritCons, PGDipForensicArchaeol, MIFA, IHBC South West
Full John Edwards MA, DipBldgCons, CEnv, BCAS, FCIOB, FRICS, IHBC Wales
Full Martin Ellison MScArchCons, BA(Hons), IHBC South
Full Mark Evans BArch(Hons), BA(Hons)Arch, RIBA, EASA, IHBC West Midlands 2017
Full Diana Evans MA(Oxon), CertTheol(Oxon), CertEd (FE)Warwick, PGDipConsHistEnv(RICS), IHBC London
Full Jo Evans BSc(Hons), MRTPI, IHBC South East
Associate Intervention Aimée Felton BA(Hons), DipArch, MA, AssocIHBC, AABC London 2015
Full Fiona Fisher MSc Urban Conservation, MLI, IHBC Scotland 2013
Full Michael Fraser BA(Hons)Planning, MRTPI, IHBC Overseas
Full Jennifer Freeman OBE BAHons DiplCons[AA] IHBC HonDoctArts FRSA FSA London
Full Ignus Froneman BA AIfA HPCG IHBC London 2017
Full William Garrett MA(Hons)Geog, MScUrbP, DipTP, DipUD, MRTPI, IHBC Scotland
Full Sudipta Ghosh MAArchCons, MARch, BArch, IHBC East Midlands
Full Stephen Gray MSc DipArch APMP IHBC RIBA London
Full David Gundry BA(Hons), MSc, GradDip(AA), IHBC London
Full Collette Hall BAArtHist&Lit, MScCultResMan, IHBC South West
Full Kate Hannelly MSc, BSc(Hons) East Midlands 2017
Full Caroline Hardie MA(Hons)Archaeol, MIFA, IHBC North
Full Rebecca Harfield BA(Hons)Geog, MAT&RP, DipBldgCons(RICS), MRTPI, IHBC, M.ICOMOS Overseas
Full Andrew Hatton BSc(Hons)ArchUrbCons, CertUrbDes, IHBC Yorkshire
Full Charmain Hawkins BA(Hons), MTP, DipBldgCons(RICS), DipSurv, MRTPI, IHBC East Anglia
Full Andrew Hayes BSc, DipBldgCons(RICS), MRICS, RICS AcredBldgCons, IHBC South West
Full Colin Haylock BA, BArch, MA, DMS, RIBA, PPRTPI, IHBC North
Full Nigel Heardman MCIAT, ICIOB, IHBC West Midlands
Full Philip Heath BA(Hons), IHBC East Midlands
Full Michael Heaton PGDipBldgCons, Btech(ArchSc), GradDip(BldgSurv), MIFA, IHBC South West
Full David Hickie BSc(Hons), MA, PhD, CMLI, MIEMA, CEnv, MISP, IHBC West Midlands [Yes](
Full Mike Hill BA(Hons), DipArch, FSA, IHBC South West
Full John Hinchliffe MSc, BA(Hons)T&CP, BPl, MRTPI, IHBC North West
Full Charles Hippisley-Cox BSc BA MBEng IHBC FHEA MCIAT Yorkshire
Full Ben Hogg BA(Hons)Arch, IHBC East Anglia
Full Will Holborow BA BArch MA(Cons) ARB AABC IHBC London
Full Elizabeth Humble BA (Hons), MA (Cantab), MA, IfA, IHBC Yorkshire
Full David Humphreys BAgrSc(Landscape), MSc., PGDip(ProjMgmt), PGDipBldgCons(RICS), MPMI, MAPM, CMLI, MILI, IHBC, MSCSI, MRICS Republic of Ireland
Full Sally Humphries BA(Hons), MSc, IHBC East Anglia 2017
Full Victoria Hunns BA(Hons), PGDipHistBldgCons, CertHE, MIFA, IHBC East Midlands 2016
Full Jane Jackson BA(Hons)Geog, MPhilT&RegP, MRTPI, IHBC Scotland
Associate Management Ian Jamieson LLM ACIArb FRICS Scotland 2016
Full Timothy Jefferies BA(Hons), DipTP, IHBC South East
Full Ian Johnson MSc, BSc, BA, PGDipArchCons, IHBC East Midlands 2013
Full Ann Johnson BA, DipArch, RIBA, IHBC Yorkshire
Full Lynda Jubb BSc(Hons), DipBldgCons, FRICS (Conservation Accredited), IHBC North West 2016
Full Nick Kelly MA FRICS MIfA IHBC RICS Conservation Accredited South East 2016
Full Catherine Kendall BA (Hons), MA, MSc (Distinction), IHBC North West
Full Robin Kent BA DipArch(Oxford) MACons(York) RIBA RIAS AABC IHBC RMaPS Scotland
Full Jill Kerry BSc(Hons), DipAAS, RegArch, RIBA, IHBC Northern Ireland
Full Sarah Kettles BA (Hons), MScEurUrbCons, IHBC Scotland
Full Catherine Kidd BA(Hons), MAHertMgmt, MAUrbDes, IHBC Scotland 2015
Full Jonathan Kilner BArch, MScHistCons, PGDipUrbDesign, IHBC London
Full Mary King BA, BArch, RIBA, IHBC West Midlands
Full Keith Knight IHBC RIBA SCA Yorkshire
Full David Lambert MA, CertPLaw, IHBC South West
Full Melanie Latham RIBA CA DipConsHistEnv (RICS) IHBC South West
Full Graham Lee BSc(Hons), MRICS, MCIOB, IHBC South West
Full Christine Leveson BA(Hons), MAArchCons, BPlan, MRTPI, IHBC East Anglia
Full Julian Livingstone BA(Hons), DipArch, GradDipConservation(AA), RIBA, IHBC South
Full Ian Lucas BA(Hons), BArch(Hons), DipBldgCons, RIBA, AABC, IHBC North West
Associate Evaluation Julie Lynn MA, BA(Hons), AssocIHBC West Midlands 2016
Full Pamela Lynn IHBC East Anglia
Full Fiona MacAdie BA (Hons) MSc PGCertUD IHBC London 2016
Full Clare Macdonald MA, PGDipArchCons, DipT&CP, MRTPI, IHBC Scotland
Full Isla Macneal BA(Hons), PGDipArchCons, IHBC South West
Full Eleni Makri MArch(Cons), BArch, RIBA, AABC, IHBC London
Full Alex Marsh BAUrbPlan, PGDipUrbPlan, PGDipEnvSci, PGDipArchCons, MRTPI, IHBC South West 2016
Full Patricia Martin BTP, DipBldgCons(RICS), IHBC Wales
Full Roger Mascall BSc(Hons), DipBldgCons(RICS), MRTPI, IHBC London 2015
Full Jenni Mason BSc(Hons)Arch&UrbCons, PGDipUrbDes, IHBC East Anglia
Full Elizabeth Mayle BA(Hons) MA(Dist) IHBC East Midlands
Full Debbie Mays MA(Hons), PhD, HonFRIAS, RSA, FSA(Scot), IHBC Scotland [Yes](
Full Ian McCaffery LLB(Hons), PGDipUrbDes, MAUrbCons, IHBC North 2013
Full Mike McConnell BA(Hons), CertConsHBs, IHBC East Anglia
Full David McDonald BSc DipTP DipConsAA IHBC London
Full Craig McHugh BA(Hons), MA, IHBC Yorkshire 2015
Full Anna McPherson DipArch, RIBA, FRSA, IHBC London
Full Lee Meadowcroft BSc(Hons), PGDip, MScCHE, CEng, MIStructE, MICE, IHBC North West 2014
Full Katherine Metcalfe PGDip (Arch Cons) South West 2016
Full Posy Metz MScArchCons, BA(Hons), IHBC South East
Full Murray G. MIller BEDS, MArch, MEDS(Cons), MRAIC, AssocAIA, ANZPI, CAPHC, MCIP, IHBC, MICTP, MRTPI, PPS Overseas
Full Elaine Milton BSc(Hons)Arch, MScT&CP, DipArchCons, MRTPI, IHBC South West
Full Glenn Moore IHBC, MAPM, HESPR South East [Yes](
Full Wendy Morgan BA, MAArchBldgCons, IHBC North West
Associate Evaluation Rachel Morley BEng(Hons), PGDip, AssocIHBC London 2015
Full Tim Morris DipArch, RIBA, IHBC East Midlands
Full Anne Morris BSc(Hons), DipTP, DipConsAA, MRTPI, IHBC Wales
Full Mel Morris Dip.Arch Cons. IHBC, MRTPI West Midlands [Yes](
Full Stephen Morris MRICS MCIOB IHBC RICS Building Conservation Accredited West Midlands
Full Edward Morton B.Eng (Hons), C.Eng, MICE, IHBC, Engineer Accredited in Conservation (CARE) East Anglia
Full Eimear Murphy BSc(Hons)EnvPl, PGDipUD, MRTPI, IHBC South East
Full John Neale MAModernHist, IHBC East Anglia
Full Corrie Newell BA(Hons)Arch, RIBA, IHBC East Anglia
Full Sean O'Reilly PhD, MScUrbRegPlan, BA(Hons)ArtHist&Archaeol, IHBC Scotland
Full Nigel Oxley HTCBldgStuds, IHBC London
Full Justine Page BSc(Hons)HeritCons, PGDipBldgCons, IHBC London
Full Elzbieta Palmer BA, MScArchCons, IHBC South East 2014
Full Mark Parsons BA(Hons), BArch, RIBA, AABC, IHBC East Midlands
Full Malcolm Payne DipArch(Hons), RIBA, IHBC West Midlands
Full Colin Pemble BSc(Hons), MScCRP, MRTPI, IHBC South West
Full Jon Phipps Dip. Arch, MSc Building Rehab. (Dist), RIBA, MIED, MRTPI, IHBC East Midlands
Full John Preston MAHistArt, DipTP, IHBC East Anglia
Full Scott Ralph BSc(Hons), SPAB Scholar '03, IHBC South
Full Helen Ramsell BA(Hons), MScHistCons, IHBC South West
Full Douglas Reid BScArch, BArch(Hons), RIBA, FRIAS, FSA(Scot), IHBC Scotland
Full Ian Rice BA(Hons), MScArchHist, IHBC London
Full Stephen Rickards DipCons(AA), FRICS, ARPS, IHBC South East
Full Dennis Rodwell MA, DipArch, DipFrench, RIBA, FRIAS, FSA(Scot), FRSA, IHBC Scotland
Full Johanna Roethe BA (Hons) MSc, IHBC South 2013
Full John Ruddy BEng(Hons), MA, CEng, MICE, MIStructE, IHBC East Midlands 2015
Full Andrew Rudge PGDipConsHistEnv, MScArchaeSc, BSc EnvArchae, IHBC London
Full Florence Salberter MA, MSc, CertArch&BldgsArts, IHBC London
Full Mark Sanderson BA (Hons), Hist Arch & Des, MA, Arch Cons,IHBC South East 2014
Full Michael Scammell BA, PGDipArchBldgCons, IHBC North West
Full Mia Scott BA (hons), BTP, MRTPI, IHBC, Hon FRIAS Scotland
Full John Selby MSc, BA, IHBC East Anglia
Full Roderick Shelton MA, BArch, BScEng, DipConsAA, ACGI, MCMI, MaPS, RegArch, IHBC East Anglia
Full Andrew Shepherd DipArch, DipBldgCons(AA), FAE, MaPS, RIBA, FRSA, IHBC Yorkshire 2016
Full Judith Shepherd BA(Hons)Arch, DipArch, DipTP, RIBA, MRTPI, IHBC Yorkshire
Full Bridget Sheppard BSc(Hons), BArch(Hons), AABC, RIBA, IHBC London 2016
Full Mark Simmons BA(Hons), DipTP, CertHistBldgCons, MRTPI, IHBC East Anglia
Full Paul Skeet GradDipCons(AA), IHBC Wales
Full Iain Smith BSc(Hons), DipTP, MRTPI, IHBC South West
Full Douglas Speirs MA(Hons), M.Litt, AIFA, FSA Scot, IHBC Scotland
Full David Alex Stephenson MSc (Arch Cons), DipTP, Cert (Arch Hist), MRTPI, IHBC East Midlands
Full David Stirling BSc(Hons), DipArch, DipTP, MRTPI, IHBC South West
Full Thomas Street BA (Hons), MSc, IHBC East Midlands
Full Chris Surfleet MAHistArt, MScHistCons, IHBC East Anglia
Full Alison Tanner MSc(EurUrbCons), BSc(Hons)Geog, IHBC Scotland
Full Helen Thomas BA (Hons), B Arch., MA (Architectural Conservation) Dist., PG Cert. (Garden History) Dist., PG Cert. (Archaeology & Herit. Man.) Dist., RIBA, IHBC South
Full Marc Timlin BSc (Hons) Heritage Conservation, MA Planning Policy & Practice, MRTPI, IHBC London
Full Jean-Marie Trisha MA MRTPI IHBC London 2013
Full Georgia Tsakiri BEng(Hons), MScCiv&EnvEng, MAConsStu, IHBC North West
Full Bridget Turnbull-Brown MRTPI, IHBC Scotland
Full Lucie Tushingham BA(Hons), DipUP, MSc, RTPI, IHBC South East
Full Bill Tyler AADip, RIBA, IHBC East Anglia
Full David Viner MScHistCons, BA, CertEd, IHBC South West
Full John-Paul Walker MAHertMgt, BAArch, DipArch, MARB, RIBA, AABC, IHBC East Midlands
Full Jack Warshaw BArch, DipTP, AADipCons, RIBA SCA, MRTPI, FRSA, IHBC London
Full Mark Watson BA(Hons), MSocSc, FSA(Scot), IHBC Scotland
Full Lauren Way \tBA (Hons) M IHBC London 2014
Full Fiona Webb BSc(Hons)EnvPl, DipUD, DipCons(AA), DipLCons(AA), MRTPI, IHBC East Anglia
Full James Weir MA (Oxon) PgDipSurv PgCertArchHist FRSA IHBC South East
Full Stacey Weiser-Jones MA, BAA, IHBC East Anglia 2017
Full Jennifer Wetton BA(Hons), PGDip Museum Studies, MSc(ArchCons), IHBC North West
Full Nick Wharton MA(Cantab), DipArch, ARB, RIBA, IHBC London 2016
Full Rosalind Willatts MA, PGCE, DipTP, IHBC East Midlands
Full Richard Wilson PGDipBldgCons, MAConsStu, IHBC North
Full Alan Wito MScEurUrbCons, BSc(Hons)T&RP, IHBC London
Full Martin Woodley BScGeog&Landsc, BATownPlanning, DipArchCons, MRTPI, IHBC South West
Full Luke Wormald BA, MSc ArchCons, FSA Scot, IHBC Scotland