IHBC Gus Astley Student Award Submissions 2007-18

First name Last name Title Award year Institution Winners and Commended
KimMillerSheffield Old Town Hall and Court House: The rise and decline of a landmark building2018University of Oxford 
Sarah KhanThe Ghost in the Machine: Occupants' influence on the Environmental Performance in a Grade I Listed Building2018Architectural Association 
AmandaMarshallJunction Works, Birmingham: Conservation Management Plan2018Birmingham City University 
CharlotteAdcockLast Orders: The Decline of the Traditional Public House2018University of York 
KatherineLukerConservation Management Plan and Statement of Significance for Selly Oak Library, Birmingham2018Birmingham City University 
JamesRennieAn Architectural History of Wolfson College, Cambridge. 2018University of Cambridge 
DanielLongmanThe Adaptive Commercial Reuse of Historic Buildings by JD Wetherspoons2018The University of Cdentral Lancashire 
KatieParsonsClimbing into History: An Interpretative study of post 16th Century staircases To what extent do historic staircases act as communicative devices and should this be acknowledged in conservation practice in England? 2018Kingston School of Art (Kingston University)Special Commendation
LucyHartleyHow do Contemporary Restorative Techniques affect the Authenticity of the Buildings restored in Britain?2018University of Huddersfield 
AmandaBrocklehurst"Heritage at Risk: A Case Study of the Approach to Grade II Assets and Non Designated Heritage Assets in the North East"2018York University 
ChrisHamillTroubled Legacy: A proposal for the future of Northern Ireland's conflict heritages2018University of CambridgeSpecial Commendation
EstefaniaMacchi0_Conservation Design Project on St. James Board School (Calton, Glasgow) 1a, b, c_ Conservation of Monteath Mausoleum (Glasgow Necropolis) 2_ Literature review on BIM and Heritage 3_ Survey methods comparison on Drumlanrig Castle (Dumfries and Galloway)2018Strathclyde UniversityWinner
AthinaChrysostomouBody Focus Center2018Strathclyde Univeresity 
SashaNobleRepair or replace: How do the principles of architectural tile conservation compare or contrast with your understanding of current conservation practices. Use examples to illustrate your answer.2018Birmingham City University 
GillianElliottAssignment ARC7452 Stone Case Study: The Church of St Mary Chadwell & Wycomb, Leicestershire2018Birmingham City University 
JoannaHortonWhy is Lead the appropriate material for the repair of a failed roof at Fotheringhay Church, Northamptonshire?2018Birmingham City University 
EdwardHawkins'Form Follows Function'. Is this an adequate explanation of English Architecture in the Twentieth Century?2018Oxford Brookes 
AnthonyHatfieldThe Conservation and Repair of Historic Wrought and Cast Iron. Case Study - Decorative Iron Gates2018Birmingham City University (BCU 
AnthonyHatfieldRecording Historic Buildings Case Study - The Cinderella Cricket Pavilion 2018Birmingham City University (BCU) 
RoshiniMuralidharaHeritage Statement for 'Panchavati - Sir C.V. Raman's residence, India to be adatively reused as a science museum and activity centre for children2018University of York 
PaulRhymes'The Critical Review and Creation of a New Design Guide for North Norfolk District Council'2018Anglia Ruskin University 
GiorgioBowlerThe Pompeian Room at Hinxton Hall: a corner of Pompeii that is forever England2018Wolfson College, University of Cambridge 
RichardCollinsIs Building Information Modelling relevant for use in the conservation of the historic built environment?2018Birmingham City University 
SamuelSimms"A law unto themselves": Understanding the role of changing legislation in the operation of the Ecclesiastical Exemption pertaining to Anglican cathedrals and large Presbyterian churches.2018University of Dundee 
NatchaRuamsanitwongArchitectural History Work Placement Report - with Simpson & Brown Architects2018University of Edinburgh 
MatthewGlasgowRepurposing Coventry Synagogue2018Birmingham City University 
AdamWilliamsWoodchester Mansion Structural Case Study - With focus on The Chapel2018University of Bath 
HollyLomaxAristocratic Ancestral Homes in England: Geographic Influences on Ownership, Use, and Survival, 1872-19742018University of Cambridge 
Laura BeverleyRussellInterpreting eighteenth-century sham ruins in order to guide the philosophy of their conservation2018University of Bath 
AlannahHogarthDesk Based Assessment for Bowes Morrell House, York2018University of York 
Eunice ValerieLimAB983 - Conservation Design Project [The CommunEATy - Food Hall at the Green] AB979 - Architectural and Construction Design History [Basílica Menor de San Sebastian] AB980 - Legislations and Regulations AB982 - Materials and Decay [Monteath Mausoleum] AB984 - Structural Repairs & Strengthening [Monteath Mausoleum] AB978 - History of Architectural Conservation [Urban Conservation: Reviving of Old Towns] 2018University of Strathclyde 
EiriniI CharaTsetineThe Refugee Settlement of Xanthi in North Greece (1923-1928): The Recording and Protection of the Remaining Historic Urban Fabric2018Cardiff University 
ValentinaLoperfidoMatera- Italy: Tourism for Heritage or Heritage for Tourism2018Cardiff University  
RuthGarrattHeritage As Asset: An Investigation into the Disposal of Heritage Assets by Publicly-funded Organisations2018University of Central Lancashire (Preston) 
KatherineSteelePost-war high rise: Aligning conservation and environmental aims to achieve sustainability2018Birmingham City University 
AikateriniTzivelopoulouLost Brutalism: An Investigation into the Commercial Brutalist Architecture2018Cardiff UniversityHighly Commended
Maria IoannaFotopoulouDissertation: Historic cob buildings in Wales-conservation approaches to meet contemporary needs and demands2018Cardiff UniversityHighly Commended
David Hills Barbican - Modern Conservation? 2007 Architectural Association Winner
Emily Gee Where Shall She Live?'- The accommodation of working women in the capital 1875-1925 2007 Architectural Association   
Mark Pearce The Development of the Ecclesiastical Architecture of Sharpe, Paley and Austin 2007 Architectural Association Special Mention
Rob Cotta Sir George Gilbert Scott's Restorations at Salisbury Cathedral 2007 Bath University    
Sarah Howard John Carr's Buxton Georgian Crescent - A new use for a redundant building 2007 Derby University    
Jessica Hunnisett Flood Damage to Historic Buildings and its Mitigation 2007 Heriot Watt University    
Alison MacDonald Conservation Management Plan - Hastings Pier 2007 Ironbridge Institute    
Tom Foxall Dendrochronology and the sixteenth-century modernisation of medieval houses in Kent 2008 Architectural Association    
Tapasya Samal Re-presenting the past: Transforming historic buildings - an inherently sustainable practice 2008 Bath University Special Commendation
Fiona Macrae Practical Conservation Techniques: Materials & Repairs - Clear, domestic window glass 2008 CEM Reading University    
Anne Paton The Three Towers 2008 ECA    
Bridget Pereira People Versus Buildings:  Has the safeguarding of architectural unity in Brasilia encouraged residential  stratification by income between the Pilot Plan and the periphery? 2008 ECA Winner
Lynn Fulton The Aikens of Dalmoak Mausoleum 1889: An investigation into the decay of a stone-built monument with suggested conservation strategy. 2008 ECA    
Harriet Partridge Boyish Effort or Manly Masterpiece? An Early Work by G. F. Bodley in Guernsey - St. Stephen's Church 1862-1865 2008 ECA    
Shane Dolan The large medieval churches of the diocese of Leighlin, Ferns and Ossory: A study of adaptation and change 2008 Huddersfield University    
Chris Platt Ramsden's Landing, Aspley, Huddersfield 2008 Huddersfield University    
N Thomassin The survival of structural and non-structural Decorative Architectural Ceramics and appropriate conservation/repair techniques 2008 Ironbridge Institute    
Emma Jones National Trust mansion properties - do they have adequate basic building maintenance regimes? 2008 Ironbridge Institute Special Commendation
Sophie Norton What are the problems associated with conservation of public heritage assetts with no direct revenue or function and how might they be managed? Discuss with particular reference to Chester city Walls and Parkgate Sea Wall. 2008 Ironbridge Institute    
Rachel Parry Post 1945 Hyperbolic Paraboloid and Shell Roof Structures 2008 Ironbridge Institute    
Crispin Edwards Brooklands Road, Manchester: A case study examining heritage values of stakeholders in a Conservation Area 2008 Leicester University Special Commendation
Elisavet Dimitrokali St Vincent Street Church, Glasgow - A case of sandstone decay in an urban environment (Technology report) 2008 na    
Sayma Iqbal Conservation Finance and Economics - Case Study: Oxford Castle and Prison 2008 Oxford Brookes    
Eva Mendez Tourism and heritage in NW Spain with special reference to Ibias municipality 2008 Oxford Brookes University Special Commendation
Akbar Modan Community based conservation plan for Akcicek Northern Cyprus 2008 Oxford Brookes University    
Heike Bernhardt Preston Farm. Evaluation of A Historic Building 2008 Plymouth University    
Marina Hauer Carlo Scarpa: Castelvecchio - conservation analysis and design 2008 Portsmouth University    
Eric Leland na 2008 University College Falmouth    
Zoe Kemp Conservation-led regeneration: friend or foe?  2009 Leeds Metropolitan University Commendation
Stuart West Scapa Flow Coastal Defence Batteries: Reinforced Concrete in a Marine Environment 2009 ECA    
Sophie Button A resourceful use of a building at risk, or the violation of a historic home: The changing use of domestic properties to public schools. 2009 Bath University    
Ruth Cooper Draft Appraisal 01 Proposed Mollington Conservation Area 2009 UWE Bristol    
Murray Clouston McDonald Road Power Station Edinburgh 2009 Glasgow Metropolitan College    
Marianne Benzie Maam Steading, Inveraray Estate, Argyll, Scotland  2009 Glasgow Metropolitan College    
Louise Cast Structural Conservation: Case Study - Batheaston House Stables 2009 Bath University    
Laura Barr (& Shona Black) Modelling Neoclassical Stonework: Leith Citadel Station 2009 ECA    
Kate Walker The Enson Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent: Conservation Management Plan 2009 Ironbridge Institute Special Commendation
Julian Boswell Woodchester Mansion - Unique Gothic Structure 2009 Bath University    
Joanne Sanderson Sustainable Development and the historic environment in England 2009 Portsmouth University    
Jingwen Tao Pier shafts in Canterbury 2009 Bath University    
Jayne Boldy Drawings of Classical Doorways  2009 Bath University    
Janet Poole The Building Stones of Pascoe House, Bute Street, Cardiff: A Case Study  2009 Ironbridge Institute    
Jane LeCocq The Abandoned Farmsteads of the Yorkshire Dales: Their Past, Present and Future 2009 Bradford University    
Holly Stanton Restorative Water: The Pumphouse, 5 The Ropewalk [Nottingham] 2009 Nottingham University    
Helen Charlesworth Using a church/chapel of your choice develop a holistic project scheme for the refurbishment/conversion of the building: St James the Less, New Mills, Derbyshire 2009 Ironbridge Institute    
Georgie Hayes The investigation into the Importance of Heritage and the ability to reinvent and enhance a Historic Site sympathetically with modern Architecture and Engineering methods 2009 ECA Commendation
Frazer  MacDonald Hay West Bank Wall - World Heritage Site Proposal  2009 ECA    
Emma Speers An Assessment of Energy in Traditional Vernacular Buildings in Northern Ireland; comparisons of traditional vernacular buildings -v- new build construction 2009 ECA Winner
David Budd Demonstrate the process of recording and specifying the conservation repair of different types of stonework 2009 Bournemouth University    
Claire Edson Conservation Managment Plans 2009 Ironbridge Institute    
Arora Vanicka Recreate, Redefine or Remember - Examining the Conservation Responses in Post World War II Sites: An essay in history and theory 2009 Bath University    
Anne Raines All rising to great place is by a winding stair: Conservation study of a stone turnpike stair at Linlithgow Palacea  2009 ECA    
Alexandra Reddaway Space Structures and Historic Buildings 2009 ECA Commendation
Alex Wheldon Integrative Project - Conservation Statement for Ewloe Castle  2009 CEM Reading University    
Kieran Kintrea na 2010 Anglia Ruskin University    
Elizabeth Martin Capturing and enhancing character - Historic Building Report & Survey, Kelsale, Suffolk 2010 Anglia Ruskin University    
Jayne Boldy An analysis of Local Lists 2010 Bath University Special Commendation
Geoff Rand Repair of timber structures 2010 Bournemouth University    
Dominic Walker English Heritage and the Public 2010 Cambridge University    
Anne Brownley-Raines Wandel durch Industrie-Kultur 2010 ECA Special Commendation with Disctinction
Alastair Cook The work submitted is for the 'evaluation' section and is titled: 'The Durability of Decorative Sandstone- A Study of Dalk 2010 ECA    
Angeliki Vastaki The importance of heritage: Vitruvius Scoticus 2010 ECA    
Jamie Macvie The decision-making process for the retention and repair, or demolition and replacement, of generally traditional 2010 Heriot Watt University    
Lucy Ashton Clissold House and Park 2010 Ironbridge Institute    
Julia Bennett Lime Render 2010 Ironbridge Institute    
Samantha Coates Conservation Management Plan for Chilworth Gunpowder Mills, Chilworth, Surrey 2010 Ironbridge Institute   
Jennifer Foster Is there a role for renewable energy sources within conservation areas? 2010 Ironbridge Institute    
Ian Gilbert Re-Use of a Church: Our Lady of Compassion London Borough of Newham 2010 Ironbridge Institute    
Amy Smith Ceramic Building Materials Assignment 2010 Ironbridge Institute    
Emma Neil Public Houses and Architectural Ceramics 2010 Ironbridge Institute    
Mark Chisholm Royal Holloway University of London. Formally Royal Holloway College. 2010 Kingston University    
Mark Small Conservation Project 2010 Leicester University    
Emma Congdon Conservation and Heritage - The evolution of these two concepts and their relevance to the built environment in Britain 2010 London - University of the Arts    
Darren Hancock Blanchland - a project for a rural village 2010 Northumbria University    
Clara Byrne Case Study 2010 Nottingham University    
Andrew Beckett Building Preservation Trusts: Have they still a significant role in the restoration of Buildings at Risk? 2010 Oxford Brookes University Winner
Anna Foreshew na 2010 Oxford Brookes University    
Lucy Haile Buildings At Risk in Local Authority Ownership in London 2010 Oxford Brookes University    
Kate Jordan Representing Women's History in Historic Environment Conservation Practice: A Case Study of St Marye's Convent, Portslade 2010 Portsmouth University    
Calum Hill Memory of Conflict Through Architecture by Calum Hill 2010 Robert Gordon University    
Hania Nicholson Can multi-sensory design help make the historic environment more accessible? 2010 Strathclyde University    
Tom Hulme The conservation of Gay heritage in Manchester 2010 Leicester University Special Commendation
Poppy Carmody-Morgan Development and Environment: The search for low carbon, sustainable housing. 2011 Aberystwyth University    
Calvin Bruce Murder in the Mews: From Working Spaces to Living Spaces 2011 Architectural Association    
Nick Chapple C.H.James (1893-1953) 2011 Architectural Association    
Inga Sievert Post Conflict Heritage; Fragments of the Berlin Wall 2011 Architectural Association    
Tina Lloyd A study into the history, application and conservation of structural Cast Iron 2011 Bath University    
Sonja Harris Lake Pleasure Grounds, Warminster: Conservation Management Plan 2011 Bath University    
Anthony Chapman Can We Preserve the Past: The Conservation of Anglo-Saxon Churches 2011 Bournemouth University    
Elizabeth Batty Historic Farm Buildings: Conserving a legacy through re-use. 2011 Brighton University    
Emma-Fleur Grof Dalkeith Conservatory 2011 City of Glasgow College    
Elliot Matthew Reconstructed Cities - A Conservation of Post-War Reconstructed Cities: A study from an English and French Perspective 2011 Dundee University    
Diane Hubbard Ventilation and condensation in traditional Lakeland dwellings: controlling moisture and maintaining building performance 2011 East London University    
Julie Firth Listed Building Consent/Planning Application for Scenario 2: The Lot, Grassmarket 2011 ECA    
Victoria Webster The (avant-garde) Architecture of Peter Womersley:  A technical appraisal of the architect's endeavour for aesthetic advancement and an approach to conserving his work. 2011 ECA    
Michael MacDonagh Finding New Uses for Irish Demesnes: authenticity and integrity issues 2011 ECA Special Mention
Scott Ellis Echoes from the Deadzone 2011 Greenwich University    
Janet Clarke The significance of historic interiors and why it is important 2011 Ironbridge Institute    
Ashley Batten Modeule 2: Pen Y Cae Chapel / Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Penmaenmawr: A study examining the conservation, refurbishment and reuse of a redundant church 2011 Ironbridge Institute    
Andrew Fuller CMP for Monks Hall, Eccles, Salford 2011 Ironbridge Institute    
Michael Wakerley Conservation Management Plan for The Majestic Theatre, Retford 2011 Ironbridge Institute    
Katie Kershaw Highbury Hall Conservation Management Plan 2011 Ironbridge Institute    
Corey Lane St. Thomas's Church - The Repair and Conservation of Decorative Stone 2011 Ironbridge Institute    
Matthew Carter Conservation Management Plan for Fulton Block, RAF (formerly DCAE) Cosford, Shropshire. 2011 Ironbridge Institute    
Alun Martin Elective Project: Work to the Western Elevation of the Former Church of St Nicholas, Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan between 30th June, 2002 and 14th February, 2004 2011 Kingston University    
Cheryl Mattey Medieval Jettied Buildings 2011 Kingston University    
Grant Prescott The Future of Constructivist Architecture in Moscow 2011 Manchester School of Architecture Commended
Andrew Staunton Rejuvenation - 'Well Being' 2011 Northumbria University    
Matthew Osborne Cromford Mill World Heritage Site - Development Proposal 2011 Nottingham Trent University    
Rebecca Burrows Analysis and Recording of St Peter's Spring Bath House 2011 Oxford Brookes University    
Nancy Clare Falloon Chipping Norton Regeneration Project Report 2011 Oxford Brookes University    
Camilla Finlay The Lych-Gate and Bell Tower, Al Saints Church, Great Bourton, Oxfordshire; Historic Building Analysis and Recording 2011 Oxford Brookes University    
Niall Bird Relic or Building? - A speculative discourse on our changing perception and engagement with historic buildings and places. 2011 Portsmouth University    
Claire Fulton An investigation into the Decline of Traditional Skills and Trades within the conservation of Historic Buildings and an analysis of their effect on the built environment and built heritage 2011 Robert Gordon University    
Matthew Piper Integrative Studies 1 2011 Robert Gordons University    
James Stubbs Stonehaven Boat Club 2011 Robert Gordons University    
Neil Cooke Blackpool Tower Airship Mooring Station & Hotel 2011 Sheffield University    
Isabel Assaly Urban Greening Heritage 2011 UCL    
Marilyn Williams Community Conservation Planning: Managing change and heritage value in Calgary's historic urban neighbourhoods 2011 York University    
Gemma Louise Killick Is the planning framework meeting its obligations to effectively conserve the historic environment? 2011 UWE Bristol    
Tristan Dewhurst Project: Enhancing a public place - The Setting of St. Mary Redcliffe Church 2011 UWE Bristol Comended
Lydia Atubeh The Investigation of Roles in Conservation Planning: The Regeneration Programme in Durham, England 2011 York University    
Robert Lennox Sutro Historic District: Management Plan 2011 York University    
Joshua Mardell Garden Cities and New Universities: a Case of Parallelism? 2011 York University    
Heather Maxwell Dowling An examintaion of the philosophical and practical conservation issues of post fire reconstruction - St. Mel's Cathedral County Longford, Ireland- A Case Study. 2011 York University    
Charlotte Sabey-Corkindale A Heritage Management Plan for the British Schools Museum, Hitchin 2011 York University    
Emma Anderson Rising from the Rubble: An examination of the rebuilding of listed buildings after catastrophic destruction; Principles, Process and Practice. 2011 Oxford Brookes University Winner
Lisa McIntyre Are the historic bishops' palaces of the Church of England fit for purpose in the twenty-first century? 2012 Architectural Association    
Emma Bryant Material Study: Architectural Paintwork 2012 Bath University    
Huw Evans Johns Joinery Survey of 1 Royal Crescent 'The Drawing Room' 2012 Bath University    
Brian Fearn Woodchester Mansion, Nympsfield - Care and Repair of the Chapel 2012 Bath University    
Richard Free The English Model Farm: Agricultural Enlightenment or Social Statement? 2012 Bath University Highly Commended
James Laver A materials study report on unfired earth 2012 Bath University    
Barbara Remedios Earth 2012 Bath University    
Bethan Saunders Conservation by Private Law: the Role of the National Trust 2012 Cambridge University    
Carrie Anderson We are what we build: How immigration patterns into the US colonies can be tracked using Vernacular Architecture 2012 ECA    
Thomas Hunter History and Theory of Conservation Assignment: Kilmahew / St. Peter's, Cardross (NVA, Glasgow) 2012 ECA    
Marnie Pardee St Peter's Seminary: Quandaries in Conservation Architecture from the Recent Past 2012 ECA    
Ian Yuk Hong Tan Palimpsests of the Past: Invoking Heritage in the Redevelopments of Post-war Housing Estates 2012 ECA    
Toby Rainland Ramsden's Landing 2012 Huddersfield University    
Fiona Deaton Conservation Management Plan - Tankerville Lead Mine, Shropshire 2012 Ironbridge Institute    
Rachel Fletcher Conservation Management Plan and Statement of Significance for Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery 2012 Ironbridge Institute    
Kate Lynch 'Using case study examples discuss whether historic walled kitchen gardens still have a viable use in the twenty first century'. 2012 Ironbridge Institute    
Francesca Machin To find a new use for a redundant church - Case Study: West Park Cemetery Chapel, Long Eaton 2012 Ironbridge Institute    
Emma Neil The Disappearing Hospitals of the NHS - West Midlands 2012 Ironbridge Institute    
Maria Philpott Conservation Management Plan: The Sun, Moon and Stars Public House, Blisworth, Northamptonshire 2012 Ironbridge Institute    
Ashley Batten Understanding Corrugated Iron Buildings in North West Wales 2012 Ironbridge Institute    
Rosie Brady Bridging the Gap Between Designation and Decay: a study of the potential for preventive maintenance to contribute to the protection of historic buildings in England 2012 Ironbridge Institute    
Liz Knight Conservation Management Plan: The Leopard Public House, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. 2012 Ironbridge Institute    
Michael Fox The Place of Heritage in Birmingham's Commercial Redevelopment, and the Future of Such Heritage in the City's Eastside Development Area. 2012 Leicester University    
Jonathan Vine Building Appraisal, Appreciation and Conservation Module Assignments - 87 - 95 Dale Street, Liverpool. 2012 Liverpool John Moores University    
Jokin Asiain Iraeta Thinking of the Historic Townscape of Wytham 2012 Oxford Brookes University    
Lauren Ayers Can Historic Buildings be Put to an Economically Viable New Use?: Financial and Economic issues in Rehabilitating Historic Buildings and Their Effects on Regeneration 2012 Oxford Brookes University    
Nigel Butcher The Church in the Wood, Bramdean Common, Hampshire (submission for Historic Building Analysis and Recording module) 2012 Oxford Brookes University    
Aimee Laura Felton Securing a future: Non-heritage focused organisations' approach to listed building maintenance. 2012 Oxford Brookes University Winner
Zana Lloncari Conservation of Vernacular Architecture in Kosova - With reference to Kulla as a special typology 2012 Oxford Brookes University Commended
Allan Ockenden Reigate Stone: Its Nature, Use and Conservation 2012 Oxford Brookes University    
Andrew Conroy To evaluate the effectiveness of the planning enforcement system in the UK in the context of built heritage protection 2012 Queen's University Belfast    
Jonathan Morgan Should Welsh law require a bespoke qualification for architects working with listed buildings within Wales. 2012 Swansea Metropolitan University    
Tanya Griffiths The Role of Local Listing in Sustaining Heritage 2012 UCL    
Christina Stuart Reconciling Environmental and Heritage Values 2012 UCL    
Pakhee Kumar Sustainable Heritage Tourism: Challenges in Implementing International Policies 2012 UCL    
Joanna Hull Can Nanolime Stone Consolidation offer a Feasible Conservation Method for Limestone Ecclesiastical Buildings? 2012 UWE Bristol    
Jack Pugsley Planning and Design Quality - Redevelopment of Redcliffe 2012 UWE Bristol    
Bethan-Marie Cornwall The Conservation of Redundant Farm Buildings: An Archaeological Analysis And Interpretation of Birdsall Grange Granary 2012 York University    
Katie Harrison There is no trace of it in the Minster glass now: An investigation into the east window of St. Martin's, Coney Street, and its eighteenth-century acquisition by York Minster. 2012 York University    
Charlotte Staniforth Visualising the 'long Reformation' - An Archaeological Survey and Virtual Reconstruction of Old Malton Priory, North Yorkshire: 1539-1890 2012 York University    
Mark Thacker An Archaeology of the Lime and Shell-Lime Mortars of the Western Isles. 2012 York University    
Jennifer Tonkins Issues of climate change in the context of conservation and management of the historic environment. 2012 York University    
Lisa McIntyre Are the Historic Bishop's Palaces of the Church of England fit for purpose in the 21st Century? 2012 Architectural Association Highly Commended
Sh.Fay Al Khalifa An urban healing agenda for reform in Bahrain: Where the dweller falls into the Urban Gap and the sailing boat hits the skyscraper 2013 Sheffield University     
Simon Algar An examination of the true extent and value of I.K. Brunel's legacy of mid-Victorian wrought iron girder bridges together with an assessment of the specific conservation problems and current management issues facing the owners of surviving bridges of this origin 2013 Oxford Brookes University      
Eliza  Allan Mausoleums of Greyfriars Kirkyard:Mackenzie Adam and Robertson - Assessment of three mausoleums with recommendations for treatment of decay 2013 ECA    
Samantha Allen Conservation through change of use. Is change of use a practical and viable method for the conservation of historic dovecotes? 2013 Oxford Brookes University    
Lauren Ayers The Significance and Protection of the Edwardian Terraced House 2013 Oxford Brookes University Commendation
Tomas Brichta A Buttress: Structural Element - The Essence of Gothic. An Examination Through Scale Modelling. 2013 ECA    
Fabiane Cabral Made in Scotland : the Scottish Architectural Ironwork Legacy in Brazil 2013 ECA     
Micah Fowler Drawing Of a Classical Doorway: 103 Sydney Place - A Description and Style Analysis.  2013 Bath University    
Sebastian Fry Function Tradition Ideology or Patron: What influenced the architecture of Knights Hospitaller Commandery Chapels and Associated Churches in Britain 1140-1370? 2013 Architectural Association Winner
Shane Garvey You're not from around here - How a silent architecture choreographed social exchange. This study analyses the accommodation of social dancing in the early 20th century Ireland in a new public building type that has today nearly vanished from the landscape 2013 UCD    
Allana Hughes The implications of the removal of the requirement for Planning Authorities to notify Historic Scotland on certain Listed Building Consents. 2013 ECA  
Joanna Hull Stone Matching for Historic Building Repair: A study of the stone matching process and an appraisal of legislation and related resources. 2013 Bath University     
Thomas Hunter Shored Against Our Ruin: Experiential Themes in the Conservation of the Whaling Industry 2013 ECA      
Sam Jackson A case study report in Structural Conservation: submitted by Sam Jackson towards the degree of Master of Science/Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Historic Buildings at the University of Bath. Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Session 2012-13. 2013 Bath University      
George Katsibokis Regeneration of vacant historic buildings in Athens city centre; an investigation on viable schemes for revitalising architectural heritage 2013 Cambridge University     
Daphne Kessissoglou The challenges associated with the conservation of Edinburgh's Neoclassical architecture: Issues related to sandstone decay in the suburbs of New Town.  2013 ECA     
Alexandra Kordella From the primitive hut to the high tech buildings 2013 Bath University      
Alexandra Kordella Drawings of a classical doorway 2013 Bath University     
Tim Lewis 'Homes fit for heroes' - An evaluation of non-traditional post war social housing Hester's Way Cheltenham 1945-59 2013 Ironbridge Institute Commendation
Brigit Clare Luffingham Contemporary Architecture in Historic City Environments: Need Opportunity and Risk 2013 UWE Bristol     
Francesca Machin Mortar binders for building repair: The availability and use of lime 2013 Ironbridge Institute    
Judith Mosley Structural Report: Bradford-on-Avon Railway Station. 2013 Bath University      
Lucy O'Connor Slate Roof Construction 2013 ECA     
Marnie Pardee The Lion Chambers A Great Experiment. A Study of Early Reinforced Concrete Conservation 2013 ECA      
Andy Pearson Conservation Management Plan and Statement of Significance Holy Austin Rock Kinver South Staffordshire 2013 Ironbridge Institute     
Maria Philpott The Re-use and Adaption of St Mary Magdalene Church Horton Northamptonshire 2013 Ironbridge Institute      
Simon Revill Module 2: Conversion of a church: Matlock Bath Methodist Church 2013 Ironbridge Institute      
Cheryl  Roberts Are Historic Scotland Successful in Taking Conservation Philosophy and Producing Guidance which Provides Traditional Building Owners in Aberdeenshire with Realistic Solutions and Advice on How to Maintain Their Properties? 2013 Robert Gordon University     
John Robson Conservation Technology Report: St Martin's Church Castlemilk  2013 ECA       
Simon Shaldon An Analysis of the Path taken by Buildings from Vacant to Derelict. 2013 Glasgow Caledonian University     
George Shiangoli How successful has the design and conservation of the Moray Estate development been in contributing to the 'outstanding universal values' of the Edinburgh New Town as recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee? 2013 ECA    
Haydn Smith  The Redevelopment of Bath's River Corridor: What are the challenges of developing in a World Heritage City and what effect will these have on the Economic Regeneration Strategy for Bath? 2013 Oxford Brookes University     
John Somers Conservation Management Plan - Hereford Library and Museum 2013 Ironbridge Institute     
Samantha Stones Conservation Management Plan for Wressle Castle 2013 Ironbridge Institute     
Beatrice Sult Investigation into the treatment of the nave wall paintings at St. Mary's Church Mundon Essex 2013 Anglia Ruskin University    
Yuk Hong Ian Tan Bridges to Our Heritage - The Significance of Five Historic Bridges over Singapore River 2013 ECA Commendation
Paul Travis From Rubens To Kent: The Conservation Challenges Of Early Modern Wall-Painting In South East Britain 2013 Oxford Brookes University   
Nigel Walter The Relevance of Churches to Conservation Theory and Practice 2013 York University    
Mary Ellen Whitford Cantilevered Stairs: A model based on Victorian tenement stairs 2013 ECA    
Anna  Wojtun Early reinforced concrete - case study of a water tower in Karlowice Wroclaw - Conservation Technology essay 2013 ECA  
Rosamund Worrall The Legacy of Joseph Wilkes' (1732-1805) Brickmaking Activity in Measham North West Leicestershire - with particular reference to opportunities for the repair maintenance and promotion of Measham Gobs 2013 Ironbridge Institute    
Katie Wray The Business Case for Heritage Partnership Agreements 2013 UCLAN   
Xiaole Zhu Modelling and Analysis of the Construction Process of Chinese Song Dynasty Style Dou-gong 2013 ECA    
Guy  Arnall Re-used timbers at Manor Farm, Stanford Dingley: A true-cruck reconstruction. 2014 Kingston University
Kjersti Bakkejord The Future of the H-block in Oslo  Should Norway's Government Building be Demolished, Conserved or Restored? 2014 Strathclyde University Special Commendation
Susana Barreto Authenticity and Integrity in the Adaptive Re-use of Victorian Railway Architecture 2014 Architectural Association
Magdalena Blazusiak Powis Gate Towers, Old Aberdeen -  detailed study of historical, social and technical understanding of heritage value of the building 2014 Robert Gordon University
Clive Boardman A Study and Comparison of World Heritage Site Management Plans and their Implementation and Monitoring 2014 York University
John T Brown The evolution of Lanarkshire farms: Examining the architectural challenges of adaptation 2014 Strathclyde University
Wei Cao Structural Report of Pulteney Bridge 2014 Bath University
Louis Curtis Factors and Repair Techniques Affecting the Specification of Beam End Repair in Historic Buildings. 2014 Kingston University
Louisa Davidson Management and Project Design Re-use of a Redundant Church 2014 Birmingham University
Mark Davis The Conservation of Mathematical Tiles within England 2014 Oxford Brookes University 
Sarah Earney The reuse of redundant and at risk churches and chapels in London: Principles, Process and Practice. 2014 Oxford Brookes University
Camilla Gersh Historical English Organs: Conservation, Restoration, Protection 2014 Architectural Association
Alex Gilbert Conservation & Regeneration Project - Intervention Strategy: Sutton Scarsdale Hall  ARC 6871 MACR Studio   2014 Sheffield University
Michael Gray Restoration of the Tabernacle Portico  2014 Bath University
Nigel Green History and Philosophy of Building Conservation Within London Underground - Success or Failure? 2014 Bath University Commendation
Thomas Hardin H. Flitcroft Architectus: Henry Flitcroft and the Realisation of the Palladian Ideal 2014 Architectural Association
Joanne Harrison Approaches to the analysis and interpretation of elite terrace houses in the long eighteenth century 2014 York University
Sarah Hendriks Spaces for Secular Music Performance in Seventeenth-Century England 2014 Cambridge University Winner
Joanna Hull Within the Garden Walls -  Capacity for Change: The Kitchen Garden – Newton Park, Bath   2014 Bath University
Saranya Dharshini Karunanithi Conservation of lighting for historic buildings - Victorian period (1837- 1901) 2014 Bath University
Kate Kendall Understanding Heritage Skills: Investigating the Conservation Professionals' Knowledge 2014 Liverpool John Moores University Special Mention
Liz Knight Does hiring out a historic property as a filming location create a conflict with its conservation? 2014 Birmingham University
Edward Lewis The Romano-Celtic in Romanesque:   The ‘Native’ Romano-Celtic Traditions behind ‘Herefordshire School’ Motifs as used within the Romanesque Sculpture of South Wales and the Marches 2014 Cardiff University
Richard Mathers A Study of Authenticity in Relation to the Adaptive Reuse of Urban Industrial Buildings 2014 York University
Scott Mcgibbon Stonemasonry Skills Development: Balancing New Technology and Tradition     2014 Heriot Watt
Lee Meadowcroft The Impact of Conflict on Cultural Property 2014 CEM Reading University
Aya Miyazaki Whose World Heritage is It?
Significance of community’s role in sustainable conservation of a Cultural Heritage site
2014 York University
Angus Morrison An Introduction to English Masonic Halls 2014 Architectural Association
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