2019 Yearbook

R E V I E W A N D A N A L Y S I S 31 For moisture in buildings, see also SPAB’s Control of Dampness . STBA’s interactive guidance wheel enables consideration of potential retrofit measures, singly or in combination, for specific buildings and contexts. Potential advantages and concerns are highlighted in relation to technical, heritage, and energy considerations. For a more comprehensive guide, including good practice details, see A Bristolian’s Guide to Solid Wall Insulation produced by STBA for Bristol City Council and DECC. This covers the whole range of responsible retrofit, with potential for replication (adjusted to local conditions) across the whole country. For evolving best practice and practical solutions in the non-domestic and charitable sectors, try the Fit for the Future network. AWARENESS, SKILLS AND TRAINING Delivery of government retrofit targets through PAS 2035 will depend on having a workforce that understands traditional buildings and can specify and carry out appropriate repairs and retrofit. The new PAS 2035 role of retrofit coordinator as developed by the Retrofit Academy does not require understanding of traditional buildings and their significance for either repairs or retrofit (despite the requirements of BS 7913:2013). It is not clear whether retrofit coordinators dealing with traditional buildings will also need to have the Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings , the qualification specifically developed to meet this need. The question is, will this change in the published PAS 2035? Courses to train appropriately skilled professionals are in short supply. IHBC members should have a head start if adding retrofit skills to their existing competences. Courses such as the Environment Study Centre’s Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings and the Green Register’s Retrofitting Traditional Buildings – Policy and Practice are very good starting points. The diploma in Domestic Retrofit Coordination should also be considered, but it may be worth waiting until the dust has settled after PAS 2035 is published. John Preston is STBA’s heritage chair and IHBC’s Green Panel convenor. BS EN 15978: 2011 shows that energy use needs to be considered through each stage of a building’s life, including both embodied energy (blue and green highlights) and the energy used in its operation (red highlights). Permission to reproduce extracts from British Standards is granted by BSI Standards Limited (BSI). No other use of this material is permitted. British Standards can be obtained in PDF or hard copy formats from the BSI online shop: www.bsigroup.com/Shop