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    A bibliography of conservation resources compiled and maintained by the Technical panel.

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    IHBC Technical Bibliography

    IHBC Listed Buildings Prosecutions Database

    The IHBC Listed Buildings Prosecutions Database was created in 1996 to help establish the levels of activity across the UK prior to a high profile case eventually resulting in the successful prosecution of a Member of Parliament for unauthorised alterations to a Listed building.

    The data subsequently compiled by IHBC was essential background to the CLG Best Practice Guidance on Listed Building Prosecutions published in December 2006. Both the database and the good practice guidance further the Secretary of State’s long-standing policy in Planning Policy Guidance Note 15 to encourage prosecution where a good case can be made.

    The database is in two parts: by Size of Fine (League table A) and by Date (League Table B). Updates will be made as new cases are notified to the Institute (contact details below).

    Currently about 150 cases have been included, but IHBC continues to rely on volunteered information from heritage and enforcement professionals and page 41 of the CLG good practice guidance also encourages the submission of data. Cases include not only unauthorised alterations and demolitions to Listed buildings but also unauthorised demolitions of unlisted buildings in conservation areas.

    Notification of further cases is constantly sought (irrespective of the success of the outcome). Please forward details of cases especially if you have not done so before. This will help to maintain the usefulness of the Database and be a cross-reference for the effectiveness of the legislation and policy guidance.

    Details of new cases would be very welcome and should be sent to government@ihbc.org.uk preferably in broadly the format in the main Table: size of fine; costs awarded; the nature of the offence; address; grade of building; type of court (Magistrates or Crown); any other information which would be informative (e.g. a guilty plea or observations by the court).
    If you cannot see the document below download here

    If you cannot see the document below download here