As a registered charity, the affordability of the IHBC's services is a priority for the Institute provided this does not undermine our charitable objects.

If you are an existing member of the IHBC and experiencing hardship, whether because of low income, personal circumstances or other reasons that you think might qualify you for special assistance by the charity, please apply for our hardship support.

To apply for hardship support simply write to our Honorary Treasurer at our dedicated email address, feesupport@ihbc.org.uk , and explain your circumstances. Be sure to provide appropriate details and evidence in support of your case.

As individual circumstances will vary, it is not entirely possible to specify the evidence required but you should supply a statement of need, including proof of income in line with guidance on concessionary fees

To make the case applications for hardship support might also be accompanied by the following:
  • statement of sector skills and or interest, including for example a C.V. and, if you are a Full Member or long-standing Affiliate, a completed CPD form
  • statement of your current contribution to conservation and the charitable objects of the IHBC, which may include all or some of the following;
  • reference to your support for IHBC's voluntary and educational activities
  • your relevant educational initiatives, such as a statement on your research
  • submissions to the IHBC’s Gus Astley Annual Student Award where applicable
  • statement of intent, including discussion of how you feel the opportunities provided by the IHBC’s hardship support for your membership fees will help you advance the IHBC and its charitable objects for the sector.

If you are unemployed or on low-income, or a student without additional means of support, you should be able to make a suitable case for support provided you observe the guidance cited above.

Note: All applications remain confidential regardless of the outcome.