IHBC in Romania
Prince of Wales inspects IHBC work in Transylvania

The Prince in the restored Bastion Cafe of Banffy Castle receiving a copy of the 2002 IHBC Yearbook
All photos by David Baxter

here in Britain, which should be influential in helping to salvage our depleting crafts skills.

It is exactly this type of initiative which the IHBC and the Transylvania Trust are trying to encourage through our work in the village of Rimetea, where accommodation is now available for scholars/craftsmen wishing to offer their expertise in Romania. We have also had discussions with the Prince's Trust, and are hoping to involve it at Banffy Castle in 2003.

It was a great honour for the IHBC and the Transylvania Trust to welcome the Prince and to receive his assurance of continued support for our work. A fall report on the progress of this year's project will be presented in the next issue of Context.

Work has begun on the restoration of the entrance gates to the castle, and each of the three modules to be implemented this summer is fully subscribed with students. The third module, due to take place during August and September, will involve students from Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, as well as Romania. This will significantly extend the influence of the project and the role of the IHBC in Eastern Europe.

We look forward to showing the Prince the fruits of this year's project and value his continued support.

David Baxter, IHBC European Secretary

Banffy Castle in Bontida, Romania, played host to the Prince of Wales in May. He has strongly supported the work of the IHBC and the Transylvania Trust through the Built Heritage Conservation Training Project at Bontida. We have enjoyed his support from the early days of the Foundation Project and through the Aiud Conservation and Trans-national Training Project.

The Prince was in Romania on a private visit and chose to visit Bontida (one of only a very few locations he
visited) to see for himself the work at Banffy Castle. He inspected the restoration of the former kitchen block and bastion, completed last year, and to view the ruinous state of the entrance gates that will be tackled this year.

'Me Prince's continued support for the project is invaluable, and his own commitment to the development of traditional building craft skills was clear in the discussions we had at Bontida. Through the Prince's Foundation a new initiative for traditional building craft skills scholarships is being developed
The Prince meeting Romanian craftsmen The entrance gates, currently being restored through the IHBC/Transylvania Trust Partnership