Suburbs Conference

Delegate Feedback

Over 50% of delegates returned their feedback forms and this information has provided really useful information on how the next day conference will be organised: -

  • Thank you to our speakers  Dickon Robinson, Ken Powell, Eddie  Booth, Ann Robey, Charles Wagner, Paul Drury, Nicholas Falk, Anna McPherson, Peter Larkin and Adam Menuge - the different styles and methods of presentation clearly appealed to delegates as did their range, quality and content. 

  • There was an overriding feeling that the range of issues covered was good and that the quality of location was great.  That said, many felt that the venue itself was too small - both in terms of seating in the meeting room and circulation space during the breaks and at lunch time. 

  • The choice and selection of food was well received although over indulgence by some at the front of the buffet queue meant that those at the rear had to put up with a more limited choice.

All these comments have been taken on board and will be given careful consideration for future events.  Delegates suggested the following topics for future days: -

Conservation in LDFs
Architectural History & Theory
Conservation Philosophy
Building & Fire Regulations / Impact of CDM Regulations on use of materials
The Future of Grant Funding in
Conservation Areas
Concrete Conservation -  Protecting Post War Architecture
Implication of New Legislation
/ New Listing Rules
Better Design in historic areas
Local Lists: - theory and practice
Accommodating Major Redevelopment in historic town centres

If you would be interested in working up any of these suggestions, or have any others, please let me know.

Nick Collins