Pay in London
At Harrow we have recently monitored conservation related job advertisements and surveyed colleagues in other London boroughs in a bid to ascertain current employment and payment trends in the Capital.  This article, whilst not particularly scientific, contains the results of that study.

Assistant Staff
Pay varies considerably, partly as many Boroughs offer this as a career grade post.  Salaries start as low as 16,000 (a relevant degree but no experience in Bromley).  However, they rise to between 28,000 - 32,000.

Senior Staff
Job adverts suggest that this tends to start at 27,000 in London, the salaries rising to around 36,000.  That said, two recent advertisements, one for a post in Camden and another for a post Southwark, start at 34,000 and 32,000 respectively.  Private sector posts are generally open to senior staff (5 years experience plus) and would pay upwards of 40,000. 

Other Benefits
Most (but not all) Boroughs offer flexi time.  About half those that were surveyed offer PRP.  Most (but not all) pay professional fees.  Other perks were variable and included a travelcard, healthcare and a hard to recruit / retention bonus.  Whilst some boroughs required the holder to have their own car, some offered pool cars.  Others offered a car parking pass to park anywhere in the Borough, or in Borough owned car parks.

Retention and recruitment in the planning and built heritage fields will, no doubt, continue to be a big problem across London.  It will be interesting to see what boroughs will do to retain valued existing staff members and attract suitable new ones.  Perhaps this is something that IHBC London could monitor?

Amy Burbidge
Principal Conservation Officer
London Borough of Harrow

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