teurs.   Team members contribute to conferences such as the very successful Religion & Place conference run by EH and the Buildings of England.

We also participate in study days run by the amenity societies, and teach on recognised architectural and historic environment courses run by Oxford and London Universities, and at the Weald and Downland Museum in Sussex. In collaboration with SAH and the IHBC we organised a conference--
Research & Conservation at the Art Workers' Guild , following on the work on Informed Conservation by former EH colleague Kate Clark.

The way forward
Whilst we try to respond to urgent requests on individual cases, our aim is to anticipate wider conservation issues and topics by close liaison with colleagues in the region and contacts in local authorities. 

Resources, it would seem, are likely to continue to shrink and with fewer in-house people to do the work we may inevitably have to commission external experts or professionals to undertake much more than we do now.   Forthcoming projects for the team include--

  • a study of the Smithfield area, vulnerable to new development;

  • assistance with proposals affecting the Thames Gateway and Medway towns, and

  • assistance with the development of criteria for designation as part of the Heritage Protection Reform Programme.

We would welcome ideas and suggestions for future projects and publications from members of the IHBC London Branch, now and at any time in the future.

Susie Barson
Team Leader
Architectural Investigation Team