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    Welcome to the homepage for the East Midlands Branch. From here you can find out what the branch is doing this year, information on forthcoming events and contacts within Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire.

    Based on the decisions made at the Branch AGM in September 2013, our key objectives for 2013 / 2014 are:

    • Supporting Members – continued response to member’s needs / requests to help develop the profession.
    • Building Partnerships – through continued representation by branch members on advisory committees, panels and forums.
    • Maintaining an Active Branch – through regular Branch meetings, links though County groups and County Reps and CPD events and electronic networking.
    • Fund one bursary place to the IHBC Annual School.
    • Host the peripatetic Council meeting in September 2014.
    East Midlands Branch members visit to the Heritage Skills Centre at Lincoln Castle - September 2013
    To read the full Business Plan, go to:
    Business Plan, 2013-14 (as agreed at AGM but will be formally approved at December IHBC Council meeting)

    Branch Annual General Meeting and IHBC Council visit to the East Midlands Region details announced

    The 2014 Branch AGM will be held at 6pm on Thursday 11 September in the Hallmark Inn, Derby to coincide with a visit to the region by the IHBC Council, the IHBC’s governing Board of Trustees.

    Following the AGM, there will be a chance to meet Council members and other Branch members over a drink and free hot buffet in the Edale Suite of the Hallmark Hotel. And afterwards there will be an opportunity to visit historic pubs in Derby.

    To register for the AGM and free hot buffet, fill in the online form below:

    As part of these IHBC events in Derby, a free event, Building Skills for IHBC Membership, will be held at the Derby Roundhouse on Friday 12 September. This event has been designed to help IHBC affiliates, and those joining the IHBC, to develop and demonstrate their skills ready for Full IHBC membership. The event will offer advice on how to develop your skills and present your competences in an IHBC application. All existing affiliates in the Branch will be invited to the event. For further details on the event, please see http://ihbc.org.uk/derby2014/

    Past Winner Testimonies

    2013 Annual School, Carlisle – Skills

    EM Branch Bursary award winner – Liz Blood (Heritage Support & War Memorials Officer, Leicestershire County Council)

    “Receiving the 2013 bursary was a great surprise. Without it I would have been unable to attend even the day school. The opportunity to take part in the Carlisle 2013 (my first full school) was a fantastic introduction to how valuable the tours and visits are on the extra days. These helped to put the day school theme of Skills into context, and to see real case study projects on the ground. It also provided opportunities to find out what interesting and inspiring projects others are involved in. It was a privilege to attend, I am most grateful to the EM branch for offering the bursary, and hope that the photojournal-film I produced as a momento will urge you to consider applying for the next – do not miss out!
    Bursary Feedback - IHBC 2013 Summer School Carlisle

    2012 Annual School, Winchester – Significance: Who Decides?

    EM Branch Bursary award winner – Lisa Walton (Conservation Officer, NE Derbyshire District Council)

    “In 2010 I was successful in securing a post which allowed me to work as a Planning Officer whilst training to be a Conservation Officer. I enrolled on an IHBC accredited course and became an affiliate IHBC Member. This has been the start of an incredible journey for me. I was encouraged by my local IHBC Branch representative to apply for the IHBC Annual School bursary as a way of building up knowledge and understanding in the field of conservation and gaining some bespoke CPD experience. After finding out I had been awarded the bursary, the East Midlands Branch ensured my full day school place was booked. All I had to do was arrange my travel, the cost of which was also covered by the bursary. Without the assistance of my IHBC Branch I would not have been able to attend and what an experience I would have missed out on! From the fantastic site visits to the expert speakers who spoke on a wide variety of topics to the delegates who were amazingly friendly and interested in the background of others. The whole experience was a seamless series of well-organised events and activities, highlighted by the beautiful city of Winchester. Without a doubt I have benefited from the experience and feel I can now offer my employer and my branch a wider appreciation of the historic environment and understanding of its ‘significance’. It is still daunting for me to think about how much I still have to learn but I am grateful for the opportunity the East Midlands Branch has provided, through its bursary scheme, and it is their belief in me that makes it such a greatly appreciated award. I would encourage anyone starting out in the field to apply for the bursary.”

    Following the Annual School, Lisa has reported back the experience of attending the School to her County colleagues and has prepared the following presentation to share her CPD with other members.
    Bursary Feedback - IHBC 2012 Summer School Winchester

    2011 Annual School, Llandudno – Navigating the Shallows: Conservation and stewardship in uncertain times

    EM Branch Bursary award winner – Catherine Dove (Conservation Officer, Leicestershire County Council)

    "I have been an affiliate member of the IHBC for three years and am working towards full membership. I always find the Annual Schools that the Institute runs really useful; previously, I've only been able to afford the day schools, as I have to self-fund the trip. Last year, I applied for the East Midlands bursary as I didn't think I could afford to go, and was delighted to gain the bursary! The full trip is really worth the experience, as you get to go on useful site visits to see how innovative and fascinating projects are put into practice (among other sites, I visited Conwy castle and town walls and a school that had been converted by a local trust for community use) as well as a themed day of interesting lectures, with plenty of time for discussion and networking. The Annual Dinner is also a great experience. I would really encourage you to apply for the bursary, even if you don't think you'll be successful- you may be pleasantly surprised!"

    Following the Annual School, Catherine fed back her experiences to the EM Branch Committee and also gave a presentation to the Branch on her work at Leicestershire County Council. This gave Catherine the opportunity to meet the Branch Committee and to contribute to the discussions on Branch publicity and hear about current conservation issues in the other counties.

    2010 Annual School, London – Going for Gold

    EM Branch Bursary award joint winner – Lynda Tomkins (student, IHBC accredited architectural conservation degree, University of Derby)

    “The bursary is a great idea. We all need a little help as we enter a new career.”

    EM Branch Bursary award joint winner – Liz Bates (Historic Buildings Manager, Heritage Trust for Lincolnshire)

    “Overall, the Day School showed how historic building conservation can both inform change and adapt to it. The case studies illustrated the value of the range of professionals working within the sector.”

    Following the Annual School, both Lynda and Liz have reported back their experiences of attending the Day School within the September 2010 edition of Context.

    As a Branch, we try to organise two low-cost CPD events a year so that we can support our members to access local and relatively cheap training - important in these days of austerity - and also to meet their CPD requirements.

    One event is held in September as part of the overall AGM package and the other event is usually held earlier in the following year to tie in with our regular Committee meeting.
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    Recent Events

    September 2013
    Visit to the Lincoln Heritage Centre, Lincolnshire

    Following the Branch 2013 AGM, the Branch members were addressed by three speakers about the development of the Heritage Skills Centre.

    Mary Powell of Lincoln Castle Revealed described how, having carried out several smaller projects in the Uphill Area, the Historic Lincoln Project focussed on the issues surrounding the Castle. The Castle had been identified as an underperforming attraction that was not generally accessible and in a poor state of repair. It was also recognised that the Cathedral had a highly skilled workforce but these were not generally seen by the public, they therefore wanted the public to see the Cathedral’s craftsman either at work or in training.

    So with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and European funds the project was able to undertake a combination of repair and new build projects at the Castle.

    The site for the Heritage Skills Centre was easily identified, having been previously been used for car parking and general storage. This was also combined with the refurbishment of the Victorian Prison and the creation of a new display area for the Magna Carta, along with repairs to the curtain wall. Although the continuation of the High Court within the Castle grounds created several logistical problems, particularly in terms of noise and disturbance and general access issues.

    Rob Green of the architects Arrol and Snell, appointed to undertake the works, described in more detail the nature of the works and the objectives to create a complete circuit of the walls, using newly constructed links and bridges, along with the provision of disabled access.
    Visit to the Lincoln Heritage Centre, Lincolnshire
    Visit to the Lincoln Heritage Centre, Lincolnshire
    Visit to the Lincoln Heritage Centre, Lincolnshire
    Visit to the Lincoln Heritage Centre, Lincolnshire
    The works within the Victorian prison were intended to provide an accessible tourist attraction with education facilities and a restaurant together with the development of suitable accommodation in which to display the Magna Carta, making use of a subterranean cellar under the prison. Rob also described the philosophy and approach to the repair of the curtain walls, very much informed by the detailed analysis carried out by the archaeologists that revealed substantial additions and repairs to the original Medieval walls.

    Finally Dr Jonathan Clark of the archaeologists FAS Heritage gave an entertaining presentation describing the extent of the archaeological works within the Castle grounds and the survey work to ‘reconstruct’ the Lucy Tower.

    Jonathan also described the uncovering of an interesting sanitation system beneath the site of the Heritage Skills Centre with its 19th Century toilet remains.

    The archaeologists also uncovered evidence of a substantial pre-Conquest building under the North lawn, an area that had been thought to be undeveloped and the excavations for the Magna Carta Building revealed layers of buildings showing various periods of occupations beginning with the relatively recent Victorian and Georgian periods, going back through the through the Medieval period with evidence of a Norman hall and an Anglo-Saxon church and ending with a Roman town house.

    The archaeologists were also able to uncover various graves cut into the floor of the Anglo-Saxon church including an undisturbed sarcophagus.

    After these introductory talks there was the opportunity to climb the steep stairs to the Lucy Tower and to walk along sections of the newly created wall walk, viewing the owl boxes cut into the curtain wall and viewing areas of stone repairs.

    Stephen Bradwell

    Past events

    For more information about past events click on the ‘AGM and general archive tab’ above.

    The Branch Committee comprises a number of key posts, such as Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, the East Midlands Branch representative to the national Council and representatives of each of the five counties. Together, the Committee seeks to implement the Branch’s Business Plan and provide a lead for building conservation practitioners and historic environment specialists working in the region.

    The Committee for 2013-14 is as follows:

    Vice Chair:
    Branch Representative:
    Membership Secretary:
    Education Representative:
    Communications Officer:
    Derbyshire County Representative:
    Leicestershire County Representative:
    Lincolnshire County Representative:
    Northamptonshire County Representative:
    Nottinghamshire County Representative:
    General Committee Member:
    General Committee Member:
    General Committee Member:
    Liz Mayle
    Robert Walker
    Rose Thompson
    Steve Bradwell
    Roy Lewis
    Neil Robertson
    Philip Grover
    Chris McKinney
    Liza Walton
    Liz Blood
    Kerry Walmsley
    Rachel Booth
    Jason Mordon
    Fiona Newton
    Jane Roylance
    Sara Crofts

    What’s happening in Lincolnshire

    The Lincolnshire Conservation Officers Group (LCOG) generally meets on a quarterly basis and is attended by Conservation Officers from authorities across Lincolnshire. English Heritage, Heritage Lincs and a representative from the Lincoln Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) also attend. The representative for Lincolnshire on the IHBC East Midlands Branch Committee is Kerry Walmsley, k.walmsley@southkesteven.gov.uk

    The most recent meeting took place on Friday 28th March 2014 at North Kesteven District Council. The day included an informative talk by ‘Trace in Metal’; a company who have developed a means of marking lead to address metal theft. In the afternoon we visited Somerton Castle, Boothby Graffoe, a 13th century moated castle. Proposals include various conservation and repair works with the intention to remove the site from the ‘at risk’ register and restore the property as a dwelling. The tour was led by Mark Hoare of Hoare, Ridge and Morris Architects.

    Stacks Image 7598
    Somerton Castle is a Scheduled Monument with 3 separately scheduled Grade I listed buildings.
    Stacks Image 7601
    North East Tower - It is intended for various repair works to be completed on the tower which dates to the 13th century, in order to stabilise its condition. The NE tower was most likely the principal lodging tower of the thirteenth century castle.
    Significant projects in the County currently include: 

    • Lincolnshire Historic Farmsteads Project: Locus consulting have been commissioned by English Heritage to undertake a research project looking at Farmsteads across the County. In depth assessment work will be undertaken looking at district and unitary characteristics with the hope to  develop good practice guidance relating to conservation and management. A conference for all stakeholders is taking place on the 22nd May at the Riseholme Agricultural College. If you would like to have an input into the project or would like to attend the conference please contact Alastair Macintosh on Tel. 01775 821 402 Mob. 07557 375 400 or email alastair.macintosh@locusconsulting.co.uk
    • The Lincolnshire Remembrance: Memories and Memorials is a two year project being run by Lincolnshire County Council, and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant Programme. It aims to support volunteers from local communities to record and research their war memorials. All the resulting information will be made available on the County Council's Lincs to the Past website – www.lincstothepast.com. There will also be a series of commemoration events across 2014. For more information please contact Sarah Grundy by emailing sarah.grundy@lincolnshire.gov.uk.
    • The Central Cleethorpes Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan has finished its consultation and awaits Cabinet Approval in June.  North East Lincolnshire Council are also underway with a Major Townscape Heritage Stage 1 bid for Central Seafront Cleethorpes. For more information please contact Liz Mayle, elizabeth.mayle@nelincs.gov.uk.
    • South Kesteven District Council Partnership Scheme in Conservation Areas (PSICA) has allocated funds for the second year of the project targeting commercial premises and shop fronts within the Grantham Conservation Area, which is currently on English Heritage’s ‘at risk’ register. For more information please contact Ian Wright, I.wright@southkesteven.gov.uk.
    • LCOG have been working jointly with English Heritage and the Lincoln Diocese Archdeacon on security measures for churches, and have been heavily involved in the testing and reviewing of a newly developed lead marking procedure. It is hoped that this will be used to address the problem with lead theft, which is a particular issue in the County. English Heritage can provide more information on lead theft, and have produced a number of helpful guidance notes, available at http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/
    • Heritage at Risk Project – North East Lincolnshire Council and Cofly, together with North Lincolnshire Council and support from Heritage Lincolnshire are undertaking a heritage at risk project with the aim to complete the project by the end of the year. For more information please contact elizabeth.mayle@nelincs.gov.uk or Eddie.Rychlak@northlincs.gov.uk.

    What’s happening in Derbyshire

    The Conservation Officers in Derbyshire (CODS) meets on a quarterly basis generally at the Gothic Warehouse in Cromford and is attended by Conservation Officers from Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council and the other District and Borough Councils. There are also a number of representatives from some local amenity societies. The Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust website hosts the minutes and agendas for CODS . The representative for Derbyshire on the IHBC East Midlands Branch Committee is Neil Robertson neil.robertson@derby.gov.uk.

    At the meeting held on 5th June 2013, CODS received a presentation from Jeremy Fenn from the Heritage Lottery Fund outlining the new grant schemes available in particular those most relevant which were the Townscape Heritage and the Enterprise Grant. This was very useful and allowed us to hope that a number of new schemes which previously could not have been undertaken under the previous grant schemes can now be brought forwards. There was also a presentation from Georgina Cass from Derbyshire County Council about working with schools on local heritage projects and initiatives. This highlighted some particularly interesting work getting school children involved with the Chesterfield THI scheme - see web links above for details.

    County visit to St Helens House, Derby - 21st March 2013
    CODS organised a trip to review the conservation and restoration work on St Helens House, Derby, which was close to completion. This work was to the grade I listed Palladian Mansion on the site and had been taking place over the previous 2 years and is part of a much wider regeneration scheme to the north of the city centre. Afterwards a short visit was taken to look at the nearby city centre PSiCA shopfronts on Queen St, Iron Gate and also an example of one carried out by the owner in line with this (Jack Rabbits on Queen St).

    What’s happening in Leicestershire

    Leicestershire Conservation Officers’ Forum

    The Conservation Officer’s Forum generally meets on a quarterly basis and is attended by Conservation Officers from Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council and the other District and Borough Councils. The Forum is also open to Conservation Consultants operating in the County. The representative for Leicestershire on the IHBC East Midlands Branch Committee is Liz.Blood@leics.gov.uk.

    At the meeting held in Melton Mowbray on 24th September 2012, the Forum received a presentation on the IHBC by Jane Roylance, current Chair of the East Midlands Branch. Alongside this, an afternoon visit was made to Melton Town Centre to look at a number of PSiCA-funded projects.

    Future meeting dates are yet to be set but the next Forum is due to be held in December and will be hosted by Leicester City Council.

    Current projects in Leicestershire

    There are a number of projects currently in operation in Leicestershire. Short summaries of these projects are provided below:
    • Heritage Crime Prevention: Leicestershire Working Group based on English Heritage’s initiative on recording and dealing with historic crime.
    • Leicester City’s Heritage Action Plan for 2011-16: The Action Plan led to a new conservation officer post. For more information, see http://www.leicester.gov.uk/your-council-services/ep/planning/conservation/heritage-action-plan/
    • Leicester Heritage Partnership: This group was set up in June 2011 and is chaired by the City Mayor, with the purpose of “engaging organisations and individuals from across the City and working with the Council to promote the preservation, use and interpretation of Leicester's historic built environment”.
    • Melton Partnership Scheme in Conservation Area (PSiCA): Continuing in 2012-13 with Melton District and English Heritage funding. Previously had additional funding from Leicestershire County Council, whose grant schemes were discontinued in April 2012.
    • Leicestershire & Rutland War Memorials Project: Leicestershire County Council run community-based recording and research project, which has included a grants scheme 2010-12 (pending confirmation of continuation into 2013), and condition survey of external, freestanding war memorials. For more information, see www.leics.gov.uk/warmemorials.

    For more information on these, either contact the lead organisation. Alternatively, you can email Liz.Blood@leics.gov.uk who will forward your enquiry on to the organisation in question.

    What’s happening in Northamptonshire

    More to follow.

    What’s happening in Nottinghamshire

    More to follow.

    Branch Committee Minutes, 4th February 2014
    Branch Committee Minutes, 10th December 2013
    Branch Committee Minutes, 29th October 2013
    Business Plan, 2013-14
    AGM minutes (as recorded but will be formally agreed at next AGM)
    AGM papers, 13th September 2013 at Lincoln Castle

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    Business Plan, 2012-13
    Training Event, 7th September 2012 at British Geological Survey
    AGM minutes (as recorded but will be formally agreed at next AGM)
    AGM papers, 7th September 2012 at British Geological Survey

    Branch Committee Minutes, 10th July 2012
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    Branch Committee Minutes, 13th April 2012
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    AGM papers, 2nd September 2011 at Creswell Crags Visitor Centre

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    Branch Committee Minutes, 11th April 2011
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    Branch Committee Minutes, 2nd November 2010
    Business Plan, 2010-11
    AGM papers, 3rd September 2010 at Cusworth Hall, near Doncaster

    Older papers
    Click to view
    IHBC at Stoke Rochford, September 2008
    IHBC at Buxton Annual School, 2009
    IHBC at Buxton Annual School, 2009
    David Lovie

    The Conservation and Heritage Education Pack, CONSERVING THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT - KEY STAGE 2 GEOGRAPHY, jointly sponsored by the Institute of Historic Building Conservation and Nottinghamshire County Council, (as referred to in the press release below) was launched on 14th June 2004 by David Lovie the President of the Institute.

    It can be downloaded by clicking on this link. (This is a 19Mb download of a PDF file and is therefore unsuitable for slow internet connections) Requires Adobe Acrobat reader which is a free download from www.adobe.com